Saturday 14 October 2017

Ultimate Justice - Out now on DVD

Vision Films proudly presents Ultimate Justice, a film with non-stop action, kick-ass martial arts fighting sequences, and more explosions than a July 4th celebration. Directed by Martin Christopher Bode and written by Marco Theiss, Ultimate Justice is the ultimate in action entertainment.  Vision’s DVD label is distributed through Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

Starring Mark Dacascos (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Hawaii Five-0, Iron Chef America),  Matthias Hues (Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, Dark Angel), Mike Möller (Cloud Atlas), Brandon Rhea (Infernal Affairs 2, Push) the explosive and suspenseful Ultimate Justice is as much about vengeance as it is about teamwork and comradery.

A team of former elite soldiers are drawn back into action when the daughter of their former commander is kidnapped. Vowing vengeance on those responsible, they use all tools they have available—weaponry, martial arts, brute force and technology. The mission to track down the force behind the kidnapping causes the team to sacrifice their lives to uncover the truth, save the daughter and deliver justice.

Martial Arts enthusiast Ruediger W. Kuemmerle financed the project, which, although being based in China, he filmed in his hometown of Goeppingen, Germany with local crew.  It is Kuemmerle’s second feature film under his production banner Silent Partners.  His first film is the just recently released “One Million K(l)icks”.  Kuemmerle is currently in pre-production on the sequel, which will also star Mark Dacascos.

Ruediger W. Kuemmerle says, “Ultimate Justice would not have been possible without an incredible young, ambitious and truly talented crew and the support of Mark Dacascos, a true hero of the martial arts industry and a personal hero whose films I grew up watching. The same for Matthias Hues, a great actor and true friend. After a lengthy post-production process we could not be happier with the final result and we are extremely pleased to partner with Vision Films who supported significantly in the final stages.”

Managing Director / CEO of Vision Films Lise Romanoff says, “Ultimate Justice is solid entertainment, non-stop action with a compelling story. The motto of the Ultimate Justice team is Vivere Militare Est, translation is “To Live is to Fight!” Action fans across the world will love it”

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