Saturday 20 April 2024

REVIEW: Civil War (2024 Film) - Starring Kirsten Dunst and Nick Offerman

Civil War

Review by Jon Donnis
"Civil War," directed by Alex Garland, promised to be a gripping narrative set against the backdrop of a nation torn apart by civil strife. However, what unfolds on screen is a disappointing and underwhelming experience.

The film follows a group of journalists led by renowned war photographer Lee Smith, played by Kirsten Dunst, as they navigate the dangerous landscape of a nation engulfed in civil war. Despite an intriguing premise, "Civil War" fails to deliver on its potential.

One of the film's major shortcomings is its lack of compelling storytelling. Rather than delving into the ideologies driving the conflict, the narrative focuses primarily on the ethical dilemmas faced by the journalists. This narrow focus makes the film feel like a missed opportunity to explore the complexities of the civil war setting.

While there are moments of tension and some nice cinematography, they are not enough to salvage the film from its overall dullness. The characters fail to engage, and the storyline lacks depth and nuance.

One redeeming aspect of the film is the incorporation of real-life footage depicting the violence perpetrated by radical far-left anarchists. However, this is not enough to save the film from its overall lackluster execution.

In the end, "Civil War" is a film that fails to live up to its potential. It is a missed opportunity to explore important themes and instead delivers a dull and uninspired viewing experience. I score "Civil War" a poor 3 out of 10.

Out in cinemas now.