Contact and Review Requests

For all general enquiries you can contact me at

Please put the following in the Subject line of the email to get past my spam filter "FAO Jon"

If you would like me to review your film, then please get in contact and present your offer.

All paid reviews will also include official poster, trailer and any links to purchase on Digital/Home Entertainment or buy tickets if at cinemas.

This is the easiest and quickest way.

All reviews I publish are fair and honest, I judge a film using multiple parametres, including budget and star power. For example I will not directly compare a £200m blockbuster hollywood release, with a low budget straight to digital release. I will give all films, regardless of their budget a fair shot.

After publishing any review, if you wish to quote me, or my rating in any press materials, you are welcome, but all I ask is to Credit "" after the quote. See photo below as an example, (Our review is central)