Tuesday 31 October 2017


When it comes to movie stunts, actions speak louder than words. Sure, we love a nice bit of dialogue but it’s the big explosions and mega effects that really light up the screen. When done well, they have the power to catapult you into the centre of the action and leave you pondering a career change - or at least a car change - as the titles roll. And since no one sets up the action better than Michael Bay, we thought we’d celebrate the DVD and Blu-ray release of Transformers: Last Knight by having a think about the top movies stunts EVER…

Transformers franchise
It takes more than just a green screen to shoot incredible effects… Director Michael Bay is famous for pushing his cast to the limit when it comes to stunts - and it shows with the Transformers franchise. Though consistent with its eye-popping actions, The Last Knight is a visual master-piece.

Mission Impossible franchise
Tom Cruise debuted as Ethan Hunt in the first Mission: Impossible movie 21 years ago (we can’t believe it either) and he quickly cemented his reputation as the industry’s biggest daredevil. He even scaled the tallest building on the planet in Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol.

James Bond franchise
The death-defying stunts seen in James Bond tend to leave the audience more shaken than stirred… How is he still alive? Remember Daniel Craig`s death-defying crane jump in Casino Royale? The actor didn’t even use a body double. Let’s hope he at least got given a real martini afterwards.

Blues Brothers
Proving that cool stunts aren’t just a young person’s game, this 1980s movie used more than 40 stunt drivers and 60 old police cars, while the shopping mall car chase was filmed in an actual shopping mall. Production even got permission to drive down streets at speeds of over 100 miles per hour. In your face, CGI!

Fast and Furious franchise
If it were real life, the destruction in the Fast and Furious movies would cost more than $500m. It’s not surprising really - over the last two decades, the films have given us more high-speed stunts than you can shake a clutch stick at. Car driving onto yacht? You got it. Car driving over moving train? Of course! You get the idea. Incredible stuff.

Transformers: The Last Knight is out now on Digital DVD, Blu-ray™ and 4K Ultra HD™