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Book to film adaptations that will steal your heart

If you find a book leaves you wanting more or you just can’t get enough of the story, then you probably love a good book-to-film adaptation. From devoted bookworms to avid cinema goers, these heart-warming narratives often have the perfect combination of romance, comedy and thought-provoking messages that are only boosted by their presence on the big screen!

To celebrate the release of Every Day, in cinemas Friday 20th April, we’re taking a look at why these novels do so well on the screen…

The Fault in Our Stars
When two teens meet at a cancer support group, it’s clear they share the same quick-wit and contempt for the conventional and quickly discover a love that takes them on a journey, both emotionally and physically, via a trip to Amsterdam to meet a beloved author. Based on John Green’s sixth novel of the same name published in 2012, the mix of comedy with raw emotion comes alive on the silver screen as you join the couple on the ups and downs of the relationship. Somehow, seeing their rollercoaster in the cinema only added another layer of depth to the acclaimed novel.

Me Before You
When a girl in a small town forms an unlikely bond with a recently-paralyzed man she's taking care of, neither of them are aware of how they are going to change each other’s lives forever. Adapted for the cinema from the 2012 romantic novel by Jojo Moyes only a year after publishing, this heart-breaking story is sure to bring a tear to your eye as you embark on an emotional journey with the couple…

The Perks of Being a Wallflower
This endearing story sees 15-year-old Charlie, a loveable and naive outsider, coping with first love, the suicide of his best friend, and his own mental illness while struggling to find a group of people with whom he belongs. 1999 saw the release of Stephen Chbosky’s coming of age novel, with its translation onto the big screen in 2012 ensuring all emotion is kept intact as it tackles the whirlwind of growing up…

The Notebook
When Noah, a poor but passionate young man falls for Allie, a rich young woman, their feelings begin to blossom before being separated due to their social differences. Noah writes 365 letters to Allie, only for her not to receive them due to her disapproving mother. Three years later, an unlikely coincidence brings them together and their love story can really begin. From the pages of a 1996 book to the big screen in 2004, this uplifting tale of true love despite limitations will warm your heart.

Paper Towns
After an all-night adventure, Quentin's life-long crush, Margo, disappears, leaving behind clues that Quentin and his friends follow on the journey of a life-time. Adapted from the 2008 bestselling novel by John Green, written prior to The Fault in our Stars, the search leads Quentin and his quick-witted friends on an exhilarating adventure that is equal parts hilarious and moving. Prepare to grow with these teens as their experiences are catapulted onto the silver screen.

Every Day
Based on David Levithan’s acclaimed New York Times bestseller published in 2012, Every Day tells the story of Rhiannon, a 16-year old girl who falls in love with a mysterious soul named “A” who inhabits a different body every day. Feeling an unmatched connection, Rhiannon and A work each day to find each other, not knowing what or who the next day will bring. Telling the tale of love and acceptance, this novel explodes with emotion on the big screen…


A Look at rising star Angourie Rice

With a name that’s hard to forget and leading roles in These Final Hours and The Nice Guys, as well as her heart-warming role in the upcoming romantic drama, Every Day, Angourie Rice is certainly someone to look out for… To celebrate the release of Every Day, in cinemas April 20th, we’re taking a look at her recent rise to fame and what is next for the upcoming Australian star!

These Final Hours
After appearing in a string of shorts, including the Australian film, Transmission, she was plucked from Melbourne and dropped into Zak Hilditch’s feature film, These Final Hours. Working her magic as Rose in this end-of-the-world drama, she provided a stellar performance which earned her a Best Actress nomination at the Australian Film Critics Association Awards. A strong start for the Aussie starlet…

The Nice Guys
Three years later, Rice starred in the action-comedy that helped to propel her into the spotlight, starring as the daughter of Ryan Gosling’s character and alongside Russell Crowe. Her warm performance alongside the stars made her stand out in this crime-comedy set in 1970s Los Angeles, where a mismatched pair of private investigators look into the case of a missing girl and the mysterious death of a porn star.

The Beguiled
Within a year, Rice was auditioning for Sofia Coppola’s The Beguiled. She made her mark amongst big Hollywood names including Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst, Elle Fanning and Colin Firth in this remake of Clint Eastwood’s 1971 film. Based upon the Thomas Cullinan novel, The Beguiled sees the arrival of a wounded Union soldier at a girl’s school in Virginia during the American Civil War, leading to jealousy and betrayal...

Spider-Man: Homecoming
An entry into the world of superheroes only accelerated her stardom when she joined the cast of Spider-Man: Homecoming in 2017. With the success of the Marvel cinematic universe this was a greater leap into mainstream movies, and her role as a teenage Betty Brant gave her a chance to put her own spin on this character.

Walking with Dinosaurs
From superheroes to dinosaurs… Rice expanded her repertoire in 2013 when she starred as part of the voice cast of Walking with Dinosaurs. In this pre-historic pic, see and feel what it was like when dinosaurs ruled the Earth in a story where an underdog dinosaur triumphs to become a hero for the ages!

Every Day
In the upcoming romantic drama from the director of The Vow, Michael Sucsy, and based on David Levithan’s acclaimed New York Times bestseller, Rice stars as Rhiannon, a 16-year old girl who falls in love with a mysterious soul named “A” who inhabits a different body every day. Feeling an unmatched connection, Rhiannon and A work each day to find each other, not knowing what or who the next day will bring. The more the two fall in love, the more the reality of loving someone who is a different person every 24 hours takes a toll. This heart-warming tale of love and acceptance with Rice at the centre is sure to steal your heart!


Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Revenge - Trailer and Poster

Jen (Matilda Lutz) arrives at a remote desert villa with her millionaire playboy boyfriend (Kevin Jannsens) for a weekend of romantic frivolity. Things quickly go south when her lover's hunting pals show up and make inappropriate advances that escalate into an outright assault. The men quickly try to sweep their attack under the rug. Jen, however, proves harder to get rid of than anticipated, she’s after a dish best served extra cold. With a wry sense of humour and striking visuals it careens towards a climax of retribution.

Reframing the revenge thriller in a strikingly hypnotic style, writer-director Coralie Fargeat's feature debut flips the genre on its head, applying a female gaze to the action.

REVENGE is unleashed in UK & Irish cinemas on May 11th

The Impressive Career of Christian Slater

Christian Michael Leonard Slater was born on August 18, 1969, in New York City. After emerging as one of film’s leading young actors in the 1980s, his career has gone on to span cult favourites, Hollywood blockbusters and television.

The son of an actor and a casting director, Slater landed his first acting job as a child, appearing on the soap opera One Life to Live and made his film debut in The Legend of Billie Jean (1985) before gaining wider recognition for his breakthrough role as Jason Dean (“J.D”) alongside Winona Ryder in Heathers (1988).
To mark the release of brand new animated DC feature film Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay on DVD and Blu-ray™, we have taken a look back at the impressive career of Christian Slater. 

In 1988 Slater emerged as one of Hollywood’s leading young actors for starring as Jason Dean (“J.D”) in dark hit comedy Heathers alongside the great Winona Ryder, helping to make him a star.

The film broke out of the boundaries of a teen film, with Christian played a rebellious teen who romances Winona Ryder’s Veronica Sawyer. Together they team up to destroy the snobby clique of girls, dominated by several girls named – you guessed it – Heather. 

Slater gained critical acclaim for his ground-breaking performance, and thus Heathers was the first film that created the foundations of his star status.

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
In 1991, Slater starred alongside acting greats and the merriest of men Morgan Freeman, Sean Connery, Kevin Costner and Alan Rickman in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.

A 90s version of the classic Robin Hood Story, Slater plays Will Scarlet, a prominent member of Robin Hood's Merry Men. The movie was a major box office hit, making over $390 million worldwide, which made it the third highest grossing film of 1991 and further cemented Slater’s star status.

True Romance
A couple of years later, Slater played a comic bookstore clerk who marries Clarence, a prostitute (Patricia Arquette) in True Romance (1993) also starring an all-star cast including Brad Pitt, Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson and Christopher Walken.

Ranked as the 83rd greatest film of all time in 2017 by Empire, the romantic crime drama follows the pair as they hit the road for California hoping to sell Clarence’s pimps cocaine, but it’s not long before the mob is after them.

This unusual tale was written by Quentin Tarantino, who described Slater as a perfect fit for the character he created and with Slater starring as Deadshot all these years later, his comic bookstore clerk character was clearly meant to be!

Interview with the Vampire
Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles is a 1994 American romantic horror film, based on Anne Rice’s 1976 best-selling novel.

Starring another all-star cast (there’s a trend emerging here!) in the perfect forms of  Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, the film sees Christian Slater play a young reporter interviewing a man named Louis (Brad Pitt) who claims to be a 200-year-old vampire.

Whilst early production was controversial, with Rice initially speaking out against the casting of Cruise as Lestat, and Christian Slater only assuming the role of interviewer following the death of River Phoenix; Rice later recanted her objections, and the film proved to be a big hit with audiences.

Mr Robot
Probably his most prominent role in recent years, Slater received a career boost in 2015, rising up as the titular character of popular American drama thriller television series, Mr. Robot. The role sees Christian play the co-founder and leader of the hacker group Fsociety, a revolutionary prophet who plans to destroy all debt by bring down the world's largest conglomerate, E Corp.

Mr. Robot has received critical acclaim and has been nominated for and won multiple awards, including the Golden Globe for Best Television Drama Series, with Slater taking home the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor in 2016 and earning nominations for each of the following two seasons – if there was every any questioning to Christian’s Slaters acting abilities, Mr Robot has truly dispelled them in its great successes.

Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay 
Turning his hand to animation, Slater stars as the lead character Deadshot in Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay.
Deadshot leads Amanda Waller’s band of misfit DC Super-Villains, the top secret Task Force X, also featuring Bronze Tiger, Killer Frost, Captain Boomerang, Harley Quinn and Copperhead – on a mission to retrieve a mystical object so powerful that they’re willing to risk their own lives to steal it. But the Suicide Squad isn’t the only group of villains seeking to possess the object. The race is on for the golden prize … and, to stay alive, second place isn’t an option.

Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay out on DVD and Blu-ray™ now!

Award-winning "PERFECT" set for May release - Trailer

Director Jérémie Battaglia’s award-winning documentary PERFECT comes to VOD May 1 from Upstream Flix.

PERFECT, which follows the Canadian synchronized swimming team beyond the beauty, to the brawn it takes to qualify for Rio 2016, was awarded Best Documentary at the Winter Film Awards.

PERFECT has screened in over 110 cities worldwide to rave reviews.

Synchronized swimming is for girls. It’s for girls who can run a 400-metre sprint while holding their breath, and smiling. “Perfect” dives beyond the sequins and mascara to follow a team of elite athletes that do whatever it takes to make it to the Olympics. They’ll suffer concussions, black eyes, dislocated knees and sacrifice all on their quest for perfection.