Wednesday 4 October 2017

Interview with Avery Kristen Pohl - Star of "Watch Over Us"

The Exorcist meets Stranger Things in writer-director  F.C. Rabbath’s Watch Over Us premiering on digital this September.

Avery Kristen Pohl (“The Glades”), Ella Schaefer (“Criminal Minds”), and Daniel Link (Krampus Unleashed) headline the frightening story of a family having to face a paranormal force on a farm.

A father and his young daughters move onto their grandfather’s secluded farm following the breakup of their parents. But once there, they are soon plagued by paranormal events that reveal a deadly secret that has haunted the family for generations, and an evil force that demands they uphold a deadly promise made by their ancestors.

Available on digital VOD everywhere nationwide 9/12/17.

Q:Your latest role screams ‘girl power’! how does it feel to be playing a role model to so many young girls in a movie like this?

A: I love these types of characters as they easily relate to so many women that I know in my life. My generation of girls is being raised not to be afraid to use our voices. We need to do it respectfully to be taken seriously. We are being shown that utilizing the strength and power our talents and voices have can change the world, hopefully for the better. Having films show this reality is vital to the progression towards equality.

Q:Would you say this is the first role in which you’ve been able to do that – play a positive role model for young ladies? 

A: Many of the roles I have played in short films have been strong, smart, vibrant, sassy types. I have also played “the doormat” in a few and the bitchy mean girl more than once. Every role has its place in the story but it’s always nice when your character has positive things to offer the audience.

Q:Would you agree there’s a real shortage of strong female roles in Hollywood? 

A: Yes. I also see progress, especially in the last five years. We still have a long way to go and if we can continue that and have it expand to all aspects of production for women we are going to see some amazing things happen in film over the next few years. There are so many extremely talented women writers, cinematographers, editors, production designers, etc.. I am excited for what is to come and to be a part of it.

Q:Tell us about F.C’s approach to writing strong young women. Eliza seems like such a rare, empowering character – what a wonderful opportunity for an actress? 

A: This is part of the progress I mentioned. The fact that men are writing these parts as a matter of course in their films shows that women can be strong without being dismissed as just bitchy. Our strength has value and merit and I think that Fred shows that about women consistently in his writing. Just one of the reasons I like his projects.

Q:How did you work with F.C on set? Was he encouraging? a real actor’s director?

A: Fred is always great on set. He is smart, funny and encouraging. Fred has a very definite concept of his characters and how he wants them portrayed. He guides you to that performance by giving you his perception of your character’s thought processes and history.

Q:Has the movie opened up doors for you to do other horror movies?

A: Absolutely! Seeing the creative process to make things scary made me much more open to working in this genre. Actually hoping for more opportunities to do that.

Thank you for joining us today.
Available on digital VOD everywhere nationwide 9/12/17.