Monday 26 February 2018

Competition: Win All I See Is You on DVD

To celebrate the release of All I See Is You on DVD 5th March, we have a great competition for you and 3 copies to give away.

Gina (Lively) and husband James (Clarke) have an almost perfect marriage. After being blinded as a child in a nearly fatal car crash, Gina exclusively depends on James to feel and ‘see’ the world around her, and it appears only to solidify their extremely passionate relationship.

She envisions the world in her own vivid imagination with help from James' descriptions. While the two enjoy a colourful existence living in Bangkok, their relationship is upended when Gina receives a corneal transplant and regains her sight. With her restored vision, Gina experiences the world with a new sense of wonder and independence which James finds threatening. It is only when Gina suddenly begins to lose her sight again that she finally realises the disturbing reality of their marriage...

Directed and written by Hollywood heavyweight Marc Forster (World War Z, Quantum of Solace), ALL I SEE IS YOU is a dark psychological thriller unlike any other, with a vital and career-defining performance by Blake Lively. Also starring Danny Huston (American Horror Story, Wonder Woman) ALL I SEE IS YOU is unique, unmissable and totally compelling viewing.

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Friday 23 February 2018

Supernatural horror DARK BEACON in Cinemas 22nd March and Digital Download 27th March

In new supernatural horror Dark Beacon, Amy (April Pearson, TV’s Skins) loves her former colleague Beth with a passion, a relationship they had kept secret. When Beth's devastated husband dies tragically, the widow disappears into seclusion with her young daughter. Tracking down Beth to a remote lighthouse, Amy finds her there, broken, and attempts to re-connect. But before long, they experience strange and terrifying visions suggesting Beth’s husband is back and won’t stop until they meet the same fate.

Winning multiple awards including Best Film, Best Actress (for April Pearson) and Best Cinematography at the American Horror Film Festival, Dark Beacon is a must-see horror from acclaimed up-and-coming director Coz Greenop (House Red, Demon Baby) and costars Lynne Anne Rodgers, Toby Osmond and Jon Campling.


Wednesday 21 February 2018

Interview with Linnea Sage - Creator of animated series Brainless Agenda

Sometimes you just have to make a bunch of vag jokes! Says Brainless Agenda brainchild Linnea Sage.

Learn about Sage’s latest webseries -of which some famous people are pretty big fans, in this exclusive interview.

This is such a delight. What’s been the most surprising bit of feedback you heard about the series?

I am so amazed that people love this series. My favorite episode to make was the Old Greg parody from the British sketch show Mighty Boosh. The creators of that series loved the episode and that was really validating. The Winklevoss twins also loved my Bitcoin episode, which was so dope.

Have you discovered any unlikely fans?

I was pretty surprised that my Mom loved it so much. I wasn’t expecting that, especially since the Bagel Jewish Mother episode is literally about her. She loved it, though! Some people are great at taking a joke.

I imagine a lot of young women react favorably?

Yes! My first episode about being a female actor in show business went viral I a lot of acting communities. This was before Harvey news broke and it was a great way to commiserate about the sexism in the industry.

How long had you been working on it for? 

My first episode came out in June 2017! So, not long!

Is it arduous putting it together every week?

So much preparation goes into each episode. First comes the inspiration from something dumb I notice. Then I let my brain do whatever it wants for a few days,  compiling jokes and images and character development. When I feel ready I draft a script. After that I’ll sketch a character. From there I’ll record and then I’ll work with my animator to put it all together. The whole process can take anywhere from a week to a month per episode.

What’s been your favorite episode so far?

“Gynecologist who can’t say ‘Vagina’” is definitely my best writing. It’s the most popular episode, by far. Sometimes you just have to make a bunch of vag jokes!

What do you hope audiences get from the series?

Like all comedy, I just want to make people laugh. Even though it is literally a one-minute episode, I hope people catch a break in their day and have something to giggle about while they’re on the toilet or something.

Where can we find Brainless Agenda?

Please follow @BrainlessAgenda on Instagram!
It is also on YouTube if you’re more into that.

Tuesday 20 February 2018

FTL - A Short Film by Artifex Studios

A lone astronaut testing the first faster-than-light spacecraft travels farther than he imagined possible.

Written and directed by Adam Stern

Starring Ty Olsson, Karin Konoval and Aliyah O'Brien

Best Drama - Toronto Shorts 2017
Best Action Short - Berlin Sci-Fi Filmfest 2017
Best Science Fiction - Sci-On! 2017
Best Science Fiction - Top Shorts 2017
Best Sci-Fi Film - Roswell 2017

FTL from Artifex Studios on Vimeo.

Monday 19 February 2018

Competition: Win Jigsaw on Blu-ray

To celebrate the release of Jigsaw on Digital Download 19th February and DVD, Blu-ray, 4k, Steelbook & Box-set 26th February, we have a great competition for you and a copy to give away.

One of the highest grossing horror franchises of all time is back, taking Jigsaw’s signature brand of twisted scenarios to the next level. After a series of murders bearing all the markings of the Jigsaw killer, law enforcement find themselves chasing the ghost of a man dead for over a decade and embroiled in a new game that’s only just begun.

Is John Kramer back from the dead to remind the world to be grateful for the gift of life? Or is this a trap set by a killer with designs of their own? Modernised for new fans, Jigsaw is also highly satisfying for fans of the series.

Directed by Michael Spierig & Peter Spierig (Predestination) Jigsaw stars Matt Passmore (The Glades), Tobin Bell (Saw), Callum Keith Rennie (Memento) and Laura Vandervoort (Supergirl).

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Who Directs Jigsaw?

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Lionsgate UK presents Jigsaw on Digital Download 19th February and DVD, Blu-ray, 4k, Steelbook & Box-set 26th February

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Interview with Randal Edwards - Star of Entanglement

Randal Edwards plays the significant role of Joel in the new Thomas Middleditch/Jess Weixler two-hander Entanglement.

You play a bookend character in Entanglement. He’s not in the film much but he’s a memorable part of the film. In Hollywood, they say there’s no small parts, right?

A: Lol yes that is what they say

And how did you make Joel so memorable? What’s the secret to creating a character the audience remembers long after the movie?

A: I don't know if there's a secret really. My goal, whenever working, is to just make the character as truthful as possible. I think if you can do that, hopefully people will remember.

Do you remember how Jason described the character to you?

A: I booked the role off of an audition tape I sent from Toronto. So, I hadn't actually talked to Jason till my first day on set.

Had you worked with Jason, or any of the other creative brass on the film, before?

A: No, I hadn't. I was definitely excited to work with Jason based on his past work.

It’s such a strong script, I can imagine most people just wanted to be involved – even if it wasn’t a big pay day (or big role)? Was that the case for you?

A: Yeah that's pretty much it. I liked the script. I thought it was very unique.

How was it working with Thomas Middleditch? Is it easy to see why he’s become so popular, so quickly?

A: Thomas is a very talented guy. It's no surprise to see his career take off in the way that it has.

You’ve had a very versatile career. Do you prefer film or Television? Is there a preference?

A: Not at all. I love good characters and good stories. I mean, if I had to pick one job to be my last I'd do a live audience sitcom. That was probably the most fun I've ever had as a actor.

In recent times, you’ve been swimming in supernatural waters, with roles in projects like “Shadowhunters” and “The Good Witch” – and next you’re in “Westworld”. Can you tell us what you’ll be doing in the old west?

A: I wish I could! That is one seriously tight-lipped show. I will say, that as a huge fan of Westworld, I can't wait for season 2!

“Entanglement” is now screening in US theaters and available on VOD.

Thursday 15 February 2018

The Little Vampire - Release Details

Exclusively at Vue nationwide from 25thMay, 2018


Being a teenage vampire isn’t easy, but it can teach you a thing or two about friends, family and adventure. Based on the best-selling books by Angela Sommer-Bodenburg, THE LITTLE VAMPIRE is a heart-warming tale of how the craziest adventures can often be the ones that matter most, available exclusively at Vue nationwide from 25th May, 2018courtesy of Signature Entertainment.

Rudolph isn’t your typical teen. Not only is he a thirteen year old vampire, but his whole family is being mercilessly hunted by the infamous vampire hunter, Rookery. Fortunately Rudolph encounters twelve year old Tony, a human with an otherworldly obsession – vampires. Rudolph takes Tony on his adventures in Transylvania, bringing their two families together and helping to overcome their prejudices. Along the way both vampires, and humans, must show courage and ingenuity in the face of impending danger.

Prepare for a charming adventure with some bite, as the animated remake of the beloved 2000 live action blockbuster of the same name comes to life at Vue this spring. With a thrilling voice cast, including Jim Carter (Downton Abbey), Miriam Margolyes (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets) and Tim Pigott-Smith (Johnny English), THE LITTLE VAMPIRE is a heart-warming and fun-filled animation that fans ofHotel Transylvania are sure to love!

Wednesday 14 February 2018

Rampage - Trailer 2 and Poster

Primatologist Davis Okoye (Dwayne Johnson), a man who keeps people at a distance, shares an unshakable and unbreakable bond with George, the extraordinarily intelligent, albino gorilla who has been in his care most of its life. But a mysterious genetic experiment mutates this once gentle ape into a raging creature of enormous size. To make matters worse, it’s soon discovered that a wolf (Ralph) and crocodile (Lizzie) have gone under similar changes. As these newly created apex predators battle each other for supremacy and tear across North America, destroying everything in their path, Okoye teams with a discredited genetic engineer (Naomie Harris) to secure an antidote and fight his way through the ever-changing battlefield, not only to halt a global catastrophe, but also to save the fearsome beast that was once his friend.

Monday 12 February 2018

The Titan - New Images and Synopsis

In cinemas and on Digital HD from 13th April, 2018

As planet Earth’s future hangs in the balance of becoming uninhabitable, the human race faces a cataclysmic ultimatum: adapt or die. An all-star cast including Sam Worthington (Avatar, Terminator Salvation) and Taylor Schilling (TV’s Orange is the New Black) headline exhilarating sci-fi thriller THE TITAN, available in cinemas and on Digital HD from 13th April 2018, courtesy of Signature Entertainment.

When Earth’s resources start rapidly depleting, the human race is faced with the threat of swift and inevitable extinction. As the clock ticks down, and options become increasingly limited, space exploration emerges as mankind’s last hope. Hotshot Air Force pilot, Rick Janssen (Worthington), is chosen for a military experiment that will create a human being capable of surviving the harsh environments of Saturn’s moon, Titan. The experiment is successful, turning Rick into a super-human. But it also creates deadly side-effects which threaten the lives of Rick, his wife, Abigail (Schilling), his family, and possibly humanity itself.

From the producers of Insidious, Sense8 and Wind River, THE TITAN is a tension-laced sci-fi action thriller that explores how conflict and adaptation can impact the human race in irretrievable ways, when faced with the direst of situations. With memorable performances from Nathalie Emmanuel (TV’s Game of Thrones), Agyness Deyn (Sunset Song) and two-time Academy Award® nominee Tom Wilkinson (Michael Clayton, Snowden), THE TITAN is a unique insight into identity and what it means to be human.

With a great cast, state of the art special effects and a gripping battle for survival, THE TITAN truly is this year’s most unmissable sci-fi event.

Sweet Country - Poster, Trailer and Synopsis



A sweeping, historical epic set against the brutal backdrop of a stunning Australian landscape, SWEET COUNTRY follows the story of Sam, a middle-aged Aboriginal man, working for a preacher in the outback of Australia’s Northern Territory. When Harry, a bitter war veteran, moves into a neighbouring outpost, Sam and his family are sent to help Harry renovate his cattle yards. 

But Sam’s relationship with the cruel, ill-tempered Harry quickly deteriorates, culminating in a violent shootout.
Sam becomes a wanted criminal for the murder of a white man, and is forced to flee with his wife across the deadly outback, through glorious but harsh desert country. A hunting party led by the local lawman Sergeant Fletcher is formed to track Sam down. But as the true details of the killing start to surface, the community begins to question whether justice is really being served.

Directed by Warwick Thornton (Samson & Delilah), SWEET COUNTRY has so far been the recipient of multiple accolades, including the Special Jury Prize in Venice and Best Film in the Platform Competition at Toronto.


Competition: Win Once Were Warriors on Blu-ray

To celebrate the release of Once Were Warriors on Blu-ray on February 19th, we have a great competition for you and 3 copies to give away.

New Zealand filmmaker Lee Tamahori (The Edge) directed this brutal but powerful story drawn from the culture of poverty and alienation enveloping contemporary Maori life.

Rena Owen plays the beleaguered mother of two boys--one of whom is already in prison while the other contemplates membership in a gang--and a daughter whose potential is being smothered at home.

Temuera Morrison gives an outstanding and sometimes shocking performance as the violent head of the household, more adept at keeping up his social stature within his community of friends than holding down a job.

Once Were Warriors pulls no punches, literally and figuratively, but despite the rough going, Tamahori gives us a rare and important insight into a people digging down deep to find their pride.

Click here to buy from Amazon (Opens in a new window)

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Saturday 10 February 2018

REVIEW: Wolf Warrior 2

Review by Jon Donnis
The opening scene is perhaps one of the best underwater fight scenes I have ever seen, incredibly well shot and totally convincing, and that opening shot really does set the quality bar very high, especially when it is almost immediately followed by a very emotional scene. 

And that's how the film continues throughout. You can't look away or you'll miss something. 

Wu Jing plays Leng Feng the former soldier who finds himself defending the innocent against a brutal rebels and arm dealers in an African country.

It is easy to understand why this film quickly became the 2nd highest grossing film in Chinese history behind Star Wars The Force Awakens. 

Truly epic film that I give really high praise to.


Directed by and starring: Wu Jing (Call of Heroes, Kill Zone)

Main Cast: Wu Jing (Call of Heroes, Kill Zone 2), Frank Grillo (Warrior, Captain America: Civil War), Celina Jade (Arrow [TV Series], Skin Trade)

China's deadliest Special Forces operative, known as the Wolf Warrior (Wu Jing – Call of Heroes, Kill Zone), hopes to settle into a quiet life on the sea. But after he crosses paths with a ruthless band of mercenaries, overseen by a volatile and sadistic leader (Frank Grillo - Warrior, Captain America: Civil War), he must reaffirm his duty as a soldier to put an end to the terrorizing of innocent civilians. 

Fists, bullets, tanks and missiles will fly in this tour de force of bravura action film-making, all culminating into a climactic battle between the highly skilled Wolf Warrior, and the brutal mercenary leader.

Out now on DVD, Bluray and Boxset
Buy from Amazon here

Friday 9 February 2018

For The Love of George - Available February 13 on DVD/VOD

Starring Nadia Jordan (Beyond Therapy, Cold Empty Hearts), Rex Lee (Entourage, Young & Hungry), Rosanna Arquette (Pulp Fiction, The Whole Nine Yards), Tate Donavon (Argo, The O.C.), Kristen Johnston (3rd Rock From The Sun, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me), Ruth Connell (Supernatural, Hara Kiri), Marina Sirtis (Star Trek: First Contact, Star Trek: Generations),  Shaun Sipos (The Vampire Diaries, Krypton) , Ben Gleib (Ice Age: Continental Drift, The Book of Life), Paul Provenza (Northern Exposure, The West Wing) and Henry Hereford (Legends of Tomorrow, X-Men: First Class), For The Love of George has made an impact on the festival circuit receiving several nominations and awards, including the coveted Audience Choice Award at the Chicago Comedy Film Festival.

Set in 2014, Poppy Wakefield’s (Nadia Jordan) life is shattered when she finds out her husband  Stephen (Henry Hereford) is having an affair. When she receives a well-timed invitation to visit her friend Justin (Rex Lee) in Los Angeles, she takes off on a quest hoping to cross paths with who she believes is the perfect man–George Clooney! Through a series of close encounters with Clooney, funny adventures and the odd emotional breakdown, Poppy learns to navigate her future without needing a man - no matter how seemingly perfect!

The Lullaby - Poster and Trailer

BURBANK, CA : You’ll wish you never brought your baby home.

Uncork’d Entertainment gives birth to evil with the chilling The Lullaby, in theaters and VOD March 2.                                 

Chloe is overwhelmed by the birth of her first child. The incessant crying of her baby, the growing sense of guilt and paranoia sends her into depression. With a heightened urge to protect her son, Chloe sees danger in every situation. She starts to hear voices, the humming of a childhood lullaby and sees flashes of a strange entity around her child. Convinced that the entity is real, Chloe will do everything in her power to protect her son. Is she haunted by evil or is it just the baby blues?

Reine Swart, Deànré Reiners, Thandi Puren, Brandon Auret, and Dorothy-Ann Gould star in a Darrell James Roodt film, opening in theaters across the U.S and available on VOD 3/2.

"The Lullaby" in theaters and On Demand 3/2

Thursday 8 February 2018

BFI Southbank will host a special Q&A screening of BOMBSHELL: The Hedy Lamarr Story

BFI Southbank will host a special Q&A screening of The Hedy Lamarr Story

with Susan Sarandon and Alexandra Dean on INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY

Event simulcast live to venues across the UK and Ireland

BFI International Women’s Day Special Screening

Ahead of the release of new documentary BOMBSHELL: THE HEDY LAMARR STORY, BFI Southbank will host a very special preview of the film on Thursday 8 March to celebrate International Women’s Day. The preview will be introduced by Chair of UN Women NC UK, Laura Haynes and followed by a Q&A panel with the film’s Director Alexandra Dean and Executive Producer Susan Sarandon. The event will be simulcast live to cinemas across the UK and Ireland in partnership with UN Women, made possible thanks to the support of the BFI Audience Fund, awarding funds from the National Lottery. The film, which is released in cinemas nationwide on 9 March, will play on extended run at BFI Southbank alongside a selection of classic films which Lamarr starred in, including Experiment Perilous (Jacques Tourneur, 1944) and My Favorite Spy (Norman Z McLeod, 1951).

The screening of BOMBSHELL: THE HEDY LAMARR STORY marks the beginning of UN Women's HeForShe Arts Week London, the global festival for gender equality. Throughout the week, artists and their audiences will challenge the old stories, create a new narrative, change mind-sets and raise funds to change the reality for millions of women and girls

About the film

Hollywood star Hedy Lamarr (Ziegfeld Girl, Samson and Delilah) was known as ‘the most beautiful woman in the world’ with Snow White and Catwoman both based on her iconic look. She was as famous for her performances as she was for her multiple marriages and affairs with the likes of Spencer Tracy and JFK. But there was another, much more interesting, side to Hedy Lamarr.


BOMBSHELL: THE STORY OF HEDY LAMARR discovers the real woman, not only as an actress but as an ingenious inventor too whose pioneering work helped revolutionise modern communication with her  co-invention of frequency hopping, which is now used as the basis for secure WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth.


In 2016, director Alexandra Dean and producer Adam Haggiag unearthed four never-before-heard audio tapes of Hedy speaking on the record about her incredible life. The film finally gives Hedy Lamarr the chance to tell her own story in her own words, with additional narration by Hedy’s family, closest friends and admirers including Diane Kruger, Mel Brooks and Robert Osborne. The film was exec produced by Academy Award® winning actor Susan Sarandon, Michael Kantor and Regina Scully.


BOMBSHELL: THE STORY OF HEDY LAMARR is released in cinemas nationwide on 9 March 2018


Running time: 90 minutes

Cert: TBC


Hashtag: #BombshellDoc




Wednesday 7 February 2018

Venom Poster Released

Venom is an upcoming American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name, produced by Columbia Pictures and distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing. 

It is intended to be the first film in Sony's Marvel Universe, adjunct to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). 

The film is being directed by Ruben Fleischer, from a screenplay by Scott Rosenberg, Jeff Pinkner and Kelly Marcel, and stars Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock / Venom, alongside Michelle Williams.

Deadpool, Meet Cable.

Strap in for the greatest two and a half minutes of the next two and a half minutes...
Deadpool, Meet Cable

After surviving a near fatal bovine attack, a disfigured cafeteria chef (Wade Wilson) struggles to fulfil his dream of becoming Mayberry’s hottest bartender while also learning to cope with his lost sense of taste. Searching to regain his spice for life, as well as a flux capacitor, Wade must battle ninjas, the yakuza, and a pack of sexually aggressive canines, as he journeys around the world to discover the importance of family, friendship, and flavour – finding a new taste for adventure and earning the coveted coffee mug title of World’s Best Lover.

In UK cinemas & IMAX May 16.

Interview with Nicholas Tana - Director of Hell's Kitty

Based on the web series and comic book of the same name, and inspired by writer-director Nicholas Tana’s experiences living with a professedly possessed cat, Hell’s Kitty tells of a covetous feline that acts possessed and possessive of his owner around women. The results are as funny as they are frightening!

Nick (Nicholas Tana), a Hollywood screenwriter, discovers his cat has become murderously possessed, and will stop at nothing to rid him of any women in his life. As his life unravels out of control, Nick must find a way to have his kitty exorcised of the demonic spirit haunting her and creating a body count.

With characters named after classic horror movie characters (Jones plays Father Damien, Berryman is Detective Pluto, Nina Kate is Dr. Laurie Strodes, Barbeau is Mrs. Carrie), and a tone reminiscent of some of the ‘80s greatest horror-comedies, Hell’s Kitty is undoubtedly the horror hiss of March!

Hell's Kitty is written and directed by Nicholas Tana and produced by Denise Acosta.

Hell’s Kitty is available on all VOD platforms March 13, 2018 and on DVD March 27th, 2018 via Wild Eye Releasing.

This is such a delight. What’s been the most surprising bit of feedback you heard about the movie?

Nick: That Angel is so scary. I suppose at this point, I’ve gotten so used to her, and I see this as more of a supernatural comedy and unrequited love story, albeit with an element of horror and suspense. Other folks find it bloody, slightly disgusting, and even scary.

Denise: That people didn’t realize it was mostly shot in a single apartment and on a micro budget. I guess to me having been behind the scenes for so long that it’s obvious. I’m happy we were able to get such great production value out of the shoe string we had to put it together with. I’m very proud of how it came out. I can’t imagine what we could do with a Hollywood budget.

Have you discovered any unlikely fans?

Nick: Yes, there is one particular die hard fan who shares very radically different political views from mine. I think the only thing that we have common is his love for Angel and Hell’s Kitty. I struggle to keep him on my Facebook page, at times, as he tends to make painful comments about other posts, but he’s gone so far as to create an Angel’s Army fan page on Facebook, so I try to keep an open mind. Anyone who can appreciate Angel can’t be too bad.

Denise: I can’t believe how many people like Hell’s Kitty who aren’t horror fans. I suppose cat lovers are just happy knowing there is a cute, furry ball of puff in the film. I suppose that it doesn’t hurt that we go out of our way to try to raise awareness for several non-profits that help cats. Cat lovers are very appreciative and loyal fans. Then there are those fans of both horror and cats. I guess that makes sense, if you really think about it. After all, witches had an affection for cats, too, even if only as four legged minions.

How do cat lovers take to it?

Nick : Cat lovers like it. They get a kick out of anything with a real cat in it, I suppose. I’m sure many of them can appreciate the unique bond people are capable of making with their tiny, furry companions. I’m guilty of loving anything with a cat in it, too. There is something so compelling about felines. They are special, and even have a supernatural allure.

Denise : They love it for the most part. Although some of them get pretty grossed out by the gory aspects of Hell’s Kitty. But I think they love to see a cat in the driver’s seat taking control. Others don’t like seeing a cat portrayed as villainous at all. But I think if they watch the film until the end, they may be pleasantly surprised.

How long had you been working on it for? 

Nick: It’s taken years. I believe around five now in fact. This is because we started as a web-series, then turned it into a few comic books, which we took to the Phoenix Comicon, doing panels. People liked it. Then we edited together all the previous episodes, and released the last twenty minutes, which we never included online, even adding in some interstitials to help make it flow better. So it’s almost like creating a TV show, a comic book, and a movie in the five years or so it’s taken us to get this completed.

Denise : It feels like a very long time, and then again it feels like just yesterday when we had folks like Michael Berryman, Dale Midkiff, Kelli Maroni, even Ashley C. Williams from The Human Centipede, in a threesome gone bad with Barbara Nedeljakova from Hostel, running around the apartment. It’s really surreal, if I think about it. When we started the web-show about four or five years ago, our original title was My Pussy’s Possessed. But when we got adult film legend, Nina Hartley to play a fun part as a dominatrix, nightmare zombie, well we started getting associated with porn, so we changed the name.

Was it tough to entice all those names to do the film? 

Nick: It was and it wasn’t. I got Nina Hartley easily enough because I knew her from having worked with her on my documentary Sticky: A (Self) Love Story. She tweets about something, and you get thousands of views in seconds. Michael Berryman was next, I believe. I had Kevin Smith, Louie Ferrigno, James Hong, and Bill Moseley, all turn down a role, often last minute, after showing serious interest or even agreeing, at least verbally, to do the part.

Each time, I had to go back and tweak the script to fit whoever was going to play the part because I wanted the character be a parody and tribute to the original characters or roles that made these actors famous in the horror world. Finally, I managed to convince Michael Berryman, a serious animal lover, a super nice man, and a seriously talent actor, to do the role. It was like destiny because Mr. Berryman was meant for it. Once I got Michael Berryman to do it, his manager, Judy Fox, loved his performance because it highlighted his skill in comedy, and even for TV sitcom acting, and so she talked it up, and after that it got easier. I even managed to have talent come to me saying that they wanted to be in Hell’s Kitty, and so I started writing roles for them that weren’t originally in the film because I wanted them in it, too. My intent is to turn Hell’s Kitty into a TV series. I hope to work with all the talent again on that project in the near future.

Denise: Nick did most of the enticing when it came to talent. I focused on gathering the crew and getting them on board. I know he had to revise and tailor the script depending on the actor, so that couldn’t have been easy, although he writes at lightening speed. I remember he would rewrite the scene, based on the characters they were famous for, each time he submitted the script to a prospective actor.

I think for every actor we got, he probably got about five to six rejections, either because they wanted too much money, or their schedule didn’t permit it, or they just weren’t into it. It was a challenge because he’d write these awesome parts that we’d get attached to seeing on the screen, and then if the actor refused, he’d have to go back to the drawing board and write it again. We talked about having those scripts animated as short scenes for some behind-the-scenes DVD footage, but now I don’t even know if anyone watches DVDs anymore. In fact the Chainsaw Kitty song that appears in the film, was written for a scene that was cut with Louie Ferrigno, in which Angel’s claws transform into actual chainsaws. We kept the song, because it still works as her claws are like chainsaws, even if we don’t literally see them transform as such.

All the characters are named after popular horror characters, I believe? Do you both have a personal favorite character or moment in the film?

Nick: I love Michael Berryman’s character as Detective Pluto. The idea that this former mutant is misunderstood, dog loving private detective, who is mistaken as a monster because of a medical skin condition is both sad and comical to me. The way Michael Berryman played the role of a bumbling detective, had elements of Kojak, Inspector Clouseau, and even General Patton; it was hilarious and adds an element of comedy and suspense to the film. I can definitely see his character being a part of a recurring Hell’s Kitty TV series for Netflix or Amazon (hint, hint development execs).

Denise: I loved Courtney Gain’s character we called Mordicia, who was a parody of Stephen King’s Malachai from The Children of the Corn. Imagine, Malachai as a door-to-door bible pusher from hell, and that’s pretty much what you get. Only what he doesn’t realize is that he’s facing a feline fury that makes the demon in Children of the Corn seem like a Sunday picnic. When Angel turns the hallway into a corn field with supernatural delight, and we see him turn tail (he literally has a tail in that scene thanks to Angel), running down the hallway past Isaiah (a parody of Isaac played by John Franklin as well), it’s absolutely priceless. Especially, with the Carmina Burana type score Nick insisted upon, courtesy of Wolfgang Lackner.

What do you hope audiences get from the film?

Nick : I hope they appreciate the myriad of references made to iconic horror films, and cult characters we’ve seen before. From The Children of the Corn, to the Exorcist, to Drag Me To Hell, to The Human Centipede, to Hostel, to Paranormal Activity, to even films like Pulp Fiction, and Killer Klowns From Outer Space (although that one is pretty darn obvious, as we used the only Killer Klown costume that didn’t make it into the film), to even the Rocky Horror Picture Show (which becomes more obvious near the end). It’s both a loving tribute to an amazing genre, as well as to my beloved cat Angel, who unfortunately passed away to cancer shortly after completing production.

Denise : I hope filmmakers will be inspired by what can be done with a cat, a camera, and an apartment. We literally did this for less than many student filmmakers will shoot a short film. From that we built a franchise that includes a web-series, a movie, and some comic books. We even trademarked the name Hell’s Kitty and hope to use this as a TV pitch pilot piece. It’s amazing what one can do, if they put their mind to it these days.

Is there a genre you haven't tackled that you'd like to next?

Nick : I haven’t done musicals, per say. I think that would be amazing. I’d love to turn Hell’s Kitty into a musical in fact. It’s been described as Twin Peaks meets Rocky Horror picture show. I know we have a great music soundtrack and score thanks to Richard Albert, who wrote and composed most of the music for the project. I even co-wrote a few songs together with him, too, and we’ve talked about doing the Hell’s Kitty rock tour. I’ve also written a psychological thriller, which in a way Hell’s Kitty has elements of that genre, too. It would be great to get into westerns and gangster movies. I have two TV pilots and bibles that take a very original, genre busting approach to those type of films and TV shows as well, which Denise and I have talked about developing soon.

Denise : Nick and I talked about doing a period gangster piece that is something akin to Boardwalk Empire meets Orange Is The New Black. He wrote this sensational script that I hope we can turn into an Off Broadway play, and even a TV pilot soon. It deals with some real Harlem Renaissance history, and we’d love to integrate famous actors from well known gangster movies into this as well, much like what we did with Hell’s Kitty and the horror genre.

Tuesday 6 February 2018

Gloriously Evil: Best real-life villains in film history

Watching real life stories portrayed on screen is almost more horrifying than completely scripted horror films, because of that exact fact – it was once real life.

To mark the Blu-ray and DVD release of Batman: Gotham by Gaslight on February 5th, which features one of the world’s best-know serial killers, Jack the Ripper, we’re taking a look at some of the great films that have been based on the lives of real-life villains. Here are five popular films that brought these bona-fide criminals onto the silver screen.

Jack the Ripper
Jack the Ripper is one of the world’s best-known serial killers, brought back to life in brand-new Batman adventure, Gotham by Gaslight. The Ripper preyed upon prostitutes in the East End of London, slitting their throats and mutilating them. The mystery of the Ripper was never solved, and no letters claiming to be from him have ever been verified. To this day, scientists and detectives are still working on the case, desperate to solve this curious case once and for all.
In Batman: Gotham by Gaslight, our hero Batman sets out to stop infamous serial killer, Jack the Ripper, in his murderous tracks. While Police Commissioner James Gordon tries to cull the fear of Gotham’s citizens, the masked vigilante enacts his own detective work to solve the crime and save the city.

Aileen Wuornos
Portrayed by Charlize Theron in the 2003 film ‘Monster’, Aileen murdered seven men by shooting at point blank range and was sentenced to death by lethal injection for six of the deaths. She claimed she believed they were going to attack her in her job as a sex worker so was acting in self-defence. She was eventually arrested on an outstanding warrant and confessed to the killings.

This film pretty much tells Wuonos’ tragic story as it happened with Theron playing such a compelling role that she won both an Oscar and a Golden Globe. Monster was even named one of the best films of the decade by Roger Ebert in 2009.

Kray Twins
The exciting story of the Kray Twins portrayed in ‘Legend’ (2015) was based upon real gangsters Ronnie and Reggie Kray, who were known as the most notorious gangsters in the East end of London throughout the 1950’s and 60’s. They were involved in a huge range of crimes from arson, to armed robberies, to murder with their gang ‘The Firm.’ Despite this, by the 1960s they were considered celebrities and even mixed with the likes of Frank Sinatra before finally being arrested in 1968. They were also featured in the 1990 film The Krays.

Tom Hardy actually played both twins in ‘Legend’, and won a British Independent Film Award for his efforts. In 1990 the Krays were played by Martin and Gary Kemp of Spandau Ballet fame, a portrayal which the Krays were not fans of.

Jeffrey Dahmer
As a child, Dahmer would collect roadkill, dismember the bodies and then tell friends he was curious as to how they ‘fitted together’. In the film ‘My Friend Dahmer’ (2017) we see Dahmer through his high school years where his fascination eventually twisted into the rape and murder of at least 17 young men, before he was finally caught in 1991.

‘My Friend Dahmer’ gained a lot of attention due to the main actor used in the film – none other than clean-cut Disney Channel actor Ross Lynch. John Backderf, the author of the book that inspired the film, particularly liked his casting because it seemed creepier that he was known for being so family-friendly in the past.

The Zodiac Killer
‘Zodiac’, the 2007 mystery-thriller, was based upon a real - and still unsolved - series of murders committed by the Zodiac Killer between 1968 and 1969. He would taunt the Bay Area press by sending cryptic messages, only one of which has ever been solved. Zodiac claims to have murdered 37 people, though only 5 deaths have ever been confirmed.

Director David Fincher and the filmmakers’ spent 18 months researching the case themselves before production started on Zodiac. Fincher wanted the details to be as accurate as possible, from the realistic costumes to only showing crimes on-screen that were filed as police reports. They even had 3 different actors playing the killer in the film to add to the mystery.

Fincher won Best Director at the Dublin Film Critics’ Circle Awards for his work on the film and Zodiac was also nominated for 16 other awards.

This isn’t the only film to have been inspired by this case, with others including Dirty Harry, Disguised Killer and The Zodiac, among many others.


Monday 5 February 2018

The Greatest Showman - No.1 at the UK Box-Office in 6th week of release

LONDON, UK, Monday 5th February: THE GREATEST SHOWMAN continues a remarkable run at the UK Box-Office reaching No. 1 in its 6th week of release, taking an outstanding £2.206k over the 3-day weekend, bringing the cumulative total to £23,239k. This is the first time a film has ever claimed the No.1 spot over the weekend this far into release and the 6thweekend of THE GREATEST SHOWMAN is bigger than the 6th weekend of Star Wars: The Force Awakens (£2,013k), the biggest film of all time in the UK (£123,054k).

By the end of the week, THE GREATEST SHOWMAN will be the biggest film of 2018 in the UK.

Since its Boxing Day release, THE GREATEST SHOWMAN has continued to perform consistently, capturing the hearts and voices of audiences all over the world (including Australia where the film also achieved a first place finish in the 6th week of release). The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack also continues its dominance in the Official UK Album Chart, spending a fourth consecutive week at No. 1, with the show-stopping anthem of empowerment 'This Is Me' currently No. 8 in the Official UK Top 40 Singles Chart.

THE GREATEST SHOWMAN Sing-Along version will hit cinemas nationwide from the 23rdFebruary and available to book now.

Managing Director, Twentieth Century Fox UK (Theatrical), Cameron Saunders says: "Audiences across the country are looking for joy and happiness, and with The Greatest Showman joy and happiness has found them, shaken them by the hand and given them a great Hugh Jackman sized bear hug. We'd like to thank everyone for returning the embrace, making it the UK's No. 1 during the most vibrant time for cinema going in recent history. At the beginning of the movie, Charity Barnum says: "I wish for happiness like this to last forever" – this timeless, modern day classic promises to do exactly that. Experience it in cinemas today, tomorrow and again next week!"

THE GREATEST SHOWMAN stars Hugh Jackman in the title role, alongside Michelle Williams (All the Money in the World), Zac Efron (Baywatch), Zendaya (Spider-Man: Homecoming), Rebecca Ferguson (Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation) and Tony Award nominee Keala Settle. The film is directed by Michael Gracey; produced by Laurence Mark, p.g.a., Peter Chernin, p.g.a., and Jenno Topping, p.g.a., with songs by Academy Award and Grammy Award winners Benj Pasek and Justin Paul (La La Land), THE GREATEST SHOWMAN is distributed by Twentieth Century Fox and opened in cinemas nationwide on 26thDecember 2017.

Interview with Megan Maczko - Star of The Ninth Cloud

As THE NINTH CLOUD is released in the UK, lead actress Megan Maczko discusses her passion for voicing video games, working with Tom Hanks, the hazards of auditioning and the challenges of being an American living in England.

Megan, you play Zena, the protagonist, In THE NINTH CLOUD. How would you describe her? 

Zena is a young woman living with an incredible amount of chaos in her heart, desperately seeking the answers to life’s great questions in order to circumvent the pain that she feels from the loss of her parents, from being all alone in the world. She’s delicate but tries desperately to keep that hidden from the world and the people she’s chosen to let in her to life. She’s eccentric, vulnerable, bold, compassionate, guarded and naive.

What challenges did you face portraying such a complex character?

All of us are complicated, so when as an actress you get your hands on a gem like Zena, you just have to bring everything you’ve got to her. Let her come undone, be messy, contradict herself - live between the black and white.

There’s a heightened quality in Jane’s storytelling, so I guess the biggest challenge was to do the work, then just trust and go for it.  I don’t always work this way, but honestly when we found her shoes and her coat and I chopped my long hair off into a bob, I felt like “Ooh Whee! There she is!” Zena is a beautiful collision of contradictions - she has a freedom and a wild innocence about her that extend only as far as the mask she wears for the outside world. That mask is held in place by the rigidity of her habits, this coat she almost never takes off, and even the sharp angles of her hairstyle. .

Playing opposite Michael Madsen, whom Zena is infatuated with, must have been an interesting experience. How did you two get along?

Michael is a marvel and I think people will enjoy seeing something of a softer side of him in this film.

You recently worked alongside Tom Hanks in A HOLOGRAM FOR A KING. Tell us about the experience. 

It is all true about Tom Hanks. THE nicest man in Hollywood. Not that I’ve met all the men in Hollywood, but in this #metoo moment, just how upstanding he is speaks even louder. He takes gentleman to the next level. And he’s so good at being a movie star. So gracious. We were shooting in a remote part of Western Sahara and even there, people were clamouring to meet him. Whenever possible, he took time to shake hands, take photos, be Tom Hanks. He’s a wonder. Aaand this is where I confess that I am the president of the Tom Hanks fan club.

Video game fans will know you from your voice work on HORIZON: ZERO DAWN and BLACK MIRROR. Is this a genre you love to do and will there be more?

Yes, I love voicing video games. It’s a real challenge using only your voice to convey character, usually in high stakes situations. But honestly, my favourite bit is doing the sort of vocal effort noises (running, getting punched, wielding a sword, etc) and death sounds. I once played a vampire character and was doing the ole death-by-stake-to-the-heart number and the director’s note was “Ok great. Now once again, but this time after the sound of impact, let the breath eek out and just before you expire…let’s hear something satisfying in the death.”

You made your break in ME AND ORSON WELLS, playing actress Evelyn Allen. What was the casting process like?

At the time, I was six months out of drama school and didn’t have an agent. I wrote to the casting director, Lucy Bevan and when I heard back with an invitation to audition, I literally jumped up and down. When I was re-called for the role and went in to meet Richard Linklater and the writers Vince and Holly Palmo I was obviously nervous as hell. To feel like I was wearing something new and fabulous, I borrowed a top from my friend. It looked great but had these two silk strips that hung down the front - danger, danger! - and when I went to cross my legs while we were chatting, they got tangled between them. I only noticed this when the top started pulling on my neck so I tried to surreptitiously free the strips. But as I was doing this, I noticed Rick, Vince and Holly quizzically watching me pulling at the silk like a magician doing a trick. Finally, when I freed the strips but no white rabbit appeared I declared, “Well I’m just not sure why I wore this damn shirt!”. They laughed - thank god. And at that moment, I felt something shift in the room that either meant I got the part or they thought I was well and truly out of my mind. A few days later I got the call and off to the Isle of Man I was.

You’re set to play a role in Jane Spencer’s adaptation of the life of the composer Erik Satie, THE VELVET GENTLEMAN. What can you reveal about your role?

It’s a gorgeous script about Erik Satie’s eccentric life, a sort of Midnight in Paris with Jane’s distinctive left angle style. I’m playing one of Satie’s friends and artistic contemporaries, the German dadaist Hannah Hoch. She was a pioneer of the
collage and photo-collage art form, a feminist advocating a woman’s right to work creatively in modern society and a fireball critiquing the German government. I. Can’t. Wait.

Horror fans will know you from DEADLY VIRTUES and many reviewers praised your ‘brave’ performance. Is this a genre that appeals to you? 

Yes and no. Often (at least historically) the horror genre denigrates women either in terms of objectifying them as sexual prey or depicting them as having no agency in their lives, relying on stronger, smarter men to save them - you know, the ones who choose to run up the stairs to certain doom instead of out an open door to stay alive! As far as I’m concerned those kinds of narratives about women can stay in the past.

Conversely, I loved playing Alison in Deadly Virtues because it subverted expectations and genre tropes. Halfway through the film the storyline shifts and she becomes empowered and the hero of her own story.  I also relished the challenge of having to go to some dark imaginative places to play this character. Specifically in portraying a bereaved mother, I felt a responsibility to play her inner life truthfully.

You’re originally from the US but have decided to be London-based. What challenges / opportunities does this bring in respect to your career?

For me as an actress, I feel as American as Cate Blanchett is Australian; I’ve played English and European characters and am set to play a German next. I find that variety interesting, challenging and connected to why I got into this crazy profession to begin with. I love British and European cinema; it kind of just all fits for me to be here at the centre of it all.

I suppose my American-ness is fun to get personal with in my work as a writer and director which is inspiring some rather provocative material I’m working on at the moment. It’s definitely an interesting time to be alive!

Finally, what’s next? 

Well Jane Spencer’s next film, The Velvet Gentleman is coming up this year. Also, I’m finishing up my first short film that I wrote and directed, set in Las Vegas about a woman who learns her estranged father is on his deathbed and has to decide whether to see him before he dies. It’s a prologue to a feature that I’m developing so watch this space.

THE NINTH CLOUD is now available to download from iTunes

Thursday 1 February 2018

Competition: Win Beach Rats on DVD

To celebrate the release of Beach Rats on DVD on February 5th, we have a great competition for you and 3 copies to give away.

Frankie, an aimless teenager on the outer edges of Brooklyn, is having a miserable summer.

With his father dying and his mother wanting him to find a girlfriend, Frankie escapes the bleakness of his home life by causing trouble with his delinquent friends and flirting with older men online.

When his chatting and webcamming intensify, he finally starts hooking up with guys at a nearby cruising beach while simultaneously entering into a cautious relationship with a young woman. As Frankie struggles to reconcile his competing desires, his decisions leave him hurtling toward irreparable consequences.

Click here to buy from Amazon (Opens in a new window)

For your chance to win just answer the question below.


Terms and conditions
1. Closing date 12-02-18
2. No alternative prize is available
3. When the competition ends as indicated on this page, any and all entries received after this point will not count and emails blacklisted due to not checking this page first.
4. Winners will be chosen randomly and will be informed via email.