Saturday 27 April 2024

REVIEW: Boy Kills World (2024 Film) - Starring Bill Skarsgård and Famke Janssen

Review by Jon Donnis

"Boy Kills World" is a wild rollercoaster ride of action, comedy, and revenge, directed by Moritz Mohr in his feature directorial debut. With a star-studded cast led by Bill Skarsgård, the film delivers a joyfully creative and gleefully violent experience that is sure to entertain fans of hardcore action and dark comedy alike.

The plot follows Boy, portrayed by Skarsgård, a deaf-mute man seeking vengeance against the deranged matriarch, Hilda Van Der Koy, played menacingly by Famke Janssen, who murdered his family, leaving him orphaned and voiceless. Trained in martial arts by a mysterious shaman, Boy teams up with a ragtag resistance group to enact his bloody campaign of revenge. Along the way, he is accompanied by his inner voice, provided by H. Jon Benjamin, which adds a quirky and humorous layer to the narrative as he bickers with the ghost of his deceased sister.

One of the film's strongest points is its unabashed creativity. Director Mohr infuses the action with a darkly comedic energy and a video game-inspired style that sets it apart from typical studio fare. The result is a frenzied chaos of brutal violence, wacky inner thoughts, and bloody revenge that works well within its specific niche. The combination of great comedy, gore, and action makes for an original and entertaining viewing experience.

However, "Boy Kills World" is not without its flaws. Some of the fight sequences drag on longer than necessary, overstaying their welcome and dampening the pacing of the film. Additionally, while the film excels in delivering visceral thrills, the villains and world-building feel somewhat underdeveloped, lacking the depth and complexity needed to fully engage the audience beyond the surface level.

Overall, "Boy Kills World" earns a solid 7 out of 10. It may not be perfect, but its infectious energy, inventive style, and gleeful mayhem make it a worthwhile watch for fans of action-packed thrillers with a dark comedic twist.

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