Friday 30 August 2019

Terminator: Dark Fate - Trailer

Linda Hamilton (“Sarah Connor”) and Arnold Schwarzenegger (“T-800”) return in their iconic roles in Terminator: Dark Fate, directed by Tim Miller (Deadpool) and produced by visionary filmmaker James Cameron and David Ellison. Following the events of Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Terminator: Dark Fate also stars Mackenzie Davis, Natalia Reyes, Gabriel Luna, and Diego Boneta.

27 years after the events of Terminator 2: Judgment Day, a new, modified liquid metal Terminator (Gabriel Luna) is sent from the future by Skynet in order to terminate Dani Ramos (Natalia Reyes), a hybrid cyborg human (Mackenzie Davis), and her friends. Sarah Connor comes to their aid, as well as the original Terminator, for a fight for the future.

Thursday 29 August 2019

JOKER - Final Trailer

Director Todd Phillips “Joker” centers around the iconic arch nemesis and is an original, standalone fictional story not seen before on the big screen.  Phillips’ exploration of Arthur Fleck, who is indelibly portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix, is of a man struggling to find his way in Gotham’s fractured society. 

A clown-for-hire by day, he aspires to be a stand-up comic at night…but finds the joke always seems to be on him.  Caught in a cyclical existence between apathy and cruelty, Arthur makes one bad decision that brings about a chain reaction of escalating events in this gritty character study.

The Amazing Johnathan Documentary Released 22 November 2019

Following its world premiere at Sundance Film Festival, Dogwoof have announced that THE AMAZING JOHNATHAN DOCUMENTARY will be released in cinemas nationwide on 22 November 2019.  Benjamin Berman’s acclaimed feature directorial debut starts as the story of The Amazing Johnathan, an extraordinary magician who built a career out of shock and deception in the 1980s, which transforms into a bizarre story about the unravelling of the documentarian.

After Johnathan is diagnosed with a terminal heart condition and given one year to live, he’s forced to retire his act. Cut to three years later: Johnathan is not dead, much to everyone’s amazement, and documentarian Ben Berman films the illusionist on an epic comeback tour. But as their mutual journey kicks off, Johnathan drops a bombshell that sends the film spiraling into uncertainty. Embracing this unforeseen obstacle, Ben delves deeper to determine what is truth and what is illusion. Built into the heart of this quick-witted and highly Meta story is an indelible commentary on the process and ethics of making a documentary today. Issues of negotiation and access become the central threads that reveal, and further cloud, our understanding of this elusive protagonist.

HORROR fans celebrate Barry Jay's hit horror film "ASHES"

Horror fans are celebrating the terrifying new horror treat Ashes, calling the film “gruesome”, “inventive” and “the scares…so effective”!

It’s time to discover what has film fans cowering under their sofa cushions this month!

Now available on Digital and Demand from 1091 media, when an estranged aunty passes away, a family is creeped out to receive her ashes. And when supernatural misfortunes begin to best them, they quickly discover they have to go through hell to rid of her angry spirit.

From writer/director Barry Jay, and starring Elizabeth Keener, Jeremy Earl, Yumarie Morales, Angelique Maurnaé, and Melinda deKay, prepare to receive Ashes.

Audiences are raving about the effective scares, welcome dark humor and haunting imagery from Barry Jay's triumphant new genre addition.

Ashes is now available on Digital and Demand. - iTunes Link (Opens in a new window)

After a family’s estranged aunt passes away, they’re reluctant and creeped out to receive her cremated ashes. But when a series of supernatural misfortunes beset them, they’ll have to go through Hell to be rid of her angry spirit.

Wednesday 28 August 2019

Chinese animated box office sensation NE ZHA released in IMAX 3D and UK & ROI cinemas from 30th August

Arriving in UK cinemas and IMAX 3D, see the animated box office hit which has taken the world by storm, even surpassing Avengers: Endgame’s record haul in China...

Inspired by mythology and loosely adapted from a Chinese novel, heaven and earth has given birth to a powerful pearl possessing great energy. Yuanshi Tianzun (the Primeval Lord of Heaven) concocts two pills from the pearl – a spiritual pill (Ling Zhu) and a sorcery pill (Mo Wan) – and seals both of them in a sacred lotus. The spiritual pill will reincarnate as a man, who is destined to assist in the creation of the new Zhou dynasty; while a demon will be born from the sorcery pill, set to bring great destruction to the world. To prevent disaster, a spell is created which will strike the sorcery pill with thunder in three years. Will Nezha, a young boy born from the sorcery pill, live up to his evil fate, or can he forge his own path for good?

The director Jiao Zi spent two years refining the story. Along with its great script, Ne Zha received rave reviews for its fine CG production, which took over 20 animation studios, 1600 animators in China and years in the making.

This exceptional movie has been picked up by CMC Pictures for Australia, New Zealand, UK, Middle East, and Africa.

Following the Australian release of 23rd August 2019, Ne Zha scored the strongest box office opening for a Chinese film in Australia in the past 10 years, and the second highest performing release during the same period. Ne Zha achieved a screening capacity rate of over 90% and many screenings sold out in seconds.

Boasting incredible special effects and visuals, Ne Zha is the must-see animated blockbuster of the year.

Tuesday 27 August 2019

Competition: Win Killers Anonymous on Blu-ray

Killers Anonymous is out now on Digital, DVD & Blu-ray as well as in UK Cinemas from 28th August.

And to celebrate we have a great competition for you and 2 copies on Blu-Ray to give away.

A support group of killers is held regularly, the participants sit in a circle of trust and share their transgressions.

On this particular night, the city has been rocked by the failed assassination of a Senator and the brutal and professional demise of his attempted assassin. A chain of events is already in motion, as the group congregates for their late-night session. The very fabric of the group begins to unravel, as one layer of betrayal leads to another.

Welcome to Killers Anonymous. The meeting is now in session.

The film includes a host of British talent including Academy Award Winning Gary Oldman (The Darkest Hour), Suki Waterhouse (Assassination Nation), Tim McInnerny (Eddie the Eagle), Tommy Flanagan (Sons of Anarchy), Michael Socha (This Is England), as well as Jessica Alba (Sin City).

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Monday 26 August 2019

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - D23 Footage

Take a look at footage from the 9th and final piece of the Skywalker Saga.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (also known as Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker) is an upcoming American epic space-opera film produced, co-written, and directed by J. J. Abrams. It will be the third installment of the Star Wars sequel trilogy, following The Force Awakens (2015) and The Last Jedi (2017).

It is being produced by Lucasfilm and Bad Robot Productions, and will be distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. The film's ensemble cast includes Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Lupita Nyong'o, Domhnall Gleeson, Kelly Marie Tran, Joonas Suotamo, Billie Lourd, Naomi Ackie, Richard E. Grant, Keri Russell, Mark Hamill, Anthony Daniels, Carrie Fisher, Billy Dee Williams, and Ian McDiarmid. It will be the final film in the nine-part 'Skywalker saga', following the original and prequel trilogy.

The Rise of Skywalker will see the Resistance face the First Order once more, and the end of the ancient conflict between the Jedi and the Sith. Principal photography began in August 2018 at Pinewood Studios in England, and wrapped in February 2019. The film is scheduled to be released in the United States on December 20, 2019.

A year after the events of The Last Jedi, the remnants of the Resistance face the First Order once again—while reckoning with the past and their own inner turmoil. Meanwhile, the ancient conflict between the Jedi and the Sith reaches its climax, altogether bringing the Skywalker saga to a definitive end.

What Death Leaves Behind – An interview with producer Rachel K.Ofori

Rachel K.Ofori, co-writer and producer of What Death Leaves Behind, explains how an organic donation inspired a dark, compelling movie.

When did you start writing, Rachel?

In 8th grade my English teacher told me my poetry and short stories could get published. It surprised me because I never thought what I wrote was poetry--just thoughts. Had my first poem published and wrote a stage play later that same year. Just kept it up from there. It’s amazing what one word of validation can do for a person. The opportunity to pass that on is something I aggressively pursue. 

And how did this particular screenplay come to be?

Our Executive Producer, Chad Morton’s cousin went through 7 years of dialysis and started having repetitive nightmares after finally receiving a kidney transplant. How he originally explained those dreams to Chad gave us the basis for the story and even the details to help guide the makeup by Joan Jones, wardrobe by Diamond Holland, and the eerie production design of Khadir Cade. Chad and Nico Giampietro wrote the original draft, Scott Hamilton (the director) and I took it to the final script you see in the film. Was a very organic and collaborative experience.

There’s some confronting subjects in here. How important to you was it that they be handled delicately and tasteful?

Very. For one, it’s medical. We had several medical consultants and I even casted actual nurses in the film to keep us true to that world--even cell memory and how much of us exist at the cell level. Then it goes deeper. We deal with mental illness and domestic violence as vehicles for the psychological thriller aspects of the story. We take the audience on a twisty, entertaining ride. But these subject matters are real and affect people every day. Audiences erupt in applause, some cry, but when a woman tells me she saw herself in Erin O’brien’s vulnerable character at the Pan African Film Festival or a man at Downtown LA Film Festival tells me Jake’s darkness helped him better understand his brother during a dark time-- I believe we got it right.

Though an entertaining genre film, this is also somewhat of a message movie. How do you hope the movie changes people – in what way?

If nothing else, we hope this helps us all to remember to pay attention to how those close to us are handling tough times. And when in a tough time to talk and open up to those that care about you--even when it’s something as crazy as our film.

How important to you that audiences get to discover the film on the big screen?

I would say priceless--but the distributors will say otherwise! In a time where studios bank on superheroes to bring people to the theater, it’s great to remember our world is full of amazing stories about regular people--like Jake.  We’re so grateful for distributors like Artist Rights Distribution that find ways to give a platform and a voice to indie filmmakers. We make films with the big screen in mind. It’s great we have so many mediums to consume content now--but ultimately when an audience sees a film in the theater you’re getting the art as the artist intended.

We list every chance to see WDLB on the big screen at and on our social media @whatdeathleavesbehind

To see if the film is screening near you, visit

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Film - Netflix

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie is an upcoming film written and directed by Vince Gilligan and starring Aaron Paul. It will serve as a continuation of the television series Breaking Bad.

It is set to be released on Netflix on October 11, 2019, and will be broadcast at a later date on AMC.

Jesse Pinkman pursues freedom after escaping from his captors.

Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman, a former meth cook who once partnered with drug kingpin Walter White.
Charles Baker as Skinny Pete, Jesse's friend.

Competition: Win Memory: The Origins of Alien DVD

Memory: The Origins of Alien is out on DVD on September 2nd.

And to celebrate we have a great competition for you and 2 copies to give away.

The iconic scenes and sequences from seminal sci-fi horror ALIEN are firmly embedded in film history and popular culture: the creepy eggs and HR Giger designed spacecraft on a long dead planet; the pivotal facehugger attaching itself to one of the crew of the Nostromo; the shocking chest-bursting sequence and much, much more…

But while we may all now know that "in space, no-one can hear you scream", how did Ridley Scott and the creative team come up with the ideas for a blockbuster that changed both the horror and sci-fi genres and truly terrified audiences around the world?

As we approach the 40th Anniversary of the game-changing film a fascinating feature documentary MEMORY: THE ORIGINS OF ALIEN, from writer/director Alexandre O. Philippe (78/52: Hitchcock’s Shower Scene), uncovers the origin story behind Scott’s cinematic masterpiece, which arrives in cinemas on 30 August 2019 followed by DVD and on demand on 2 September from Dogwoof.

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Competition: Win Blue on Blu-ray

Blue is out on Blu-ray on August 26th.

And to celebrate we have a great competition for you and 3 copies to give away.

Half of all marine life has been lost in the last 40 years. By 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than fish. The way the ocean operates is different to how we thought of it 100 years ago. We can no longer think of it as a place of limitless resources, a dumping ground, immune to change or decline. BLUE takes us on a provocative journey into the ocean realm, witnessing a critical moment in time when the marine world is on a precipice.

Featuring passionate advocates for ocean preservation, BLUE takes us into their world where the story of our changing ocean is unfolding. We meet those who are defending habitats, campaigning for smarter fishing, combating marine pollution and fighting for the protection of keystone species. This feature documentary comes at a time when we are making critical decisions that will decide the legacy we leave for generations to come. BLUE shows us there is a way forward and the time to act is now.

Buy from Amazon by clicking here (Opens in a new window)

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Friday 23 August 2019

Killers Anonymous - Action Thriller heading for UK Cinemas from 28th August

Starring Gary Oldman, Jessica Alba, Tommy Flanagan & Suki Waterhouse, Killers Anonymous will available on Home Entertainment from 26th August & selected UK Cinemas from 28th August.

Killers Anonymous will premiere at King's Cross Everyman Cinema on 27th August, with a special Q&A. The film will be released in selected UK cinemas from 28th August and will also be available on Digital Download, DVD & Blu-ray from 26th August.

The film includes a host of British talent including Academy Award Winning Gary Oldman (The Darkest Hour), Suki Waterhouse (Assassination Nation), Tim McInnerny (Eddie the Eagle), Tommy Flanagan (Sons of Anarchy), Michael Socha (This Is England), as well as Jessica Alba (Sin City).

A support group of killers is held regularly, the participants sit in a circle of trust and share their transgressions. On this particular night, the city has been rocked by the failed assassination of a Senator and the brutal and professional demise of his attempted assassin. A chain of events is already in motion, as the group congregates for their late-night session. The very fabric of the group begins to unravel, as one layer of betrayal leads to another. Welcome to Killers Anonymous. The meeting is now in session.

The Report - New Teaser Trailer

Curzon today released the new teaser trailer for THE REPORT, set for UK nationwide theatrical release on 15 November, before streaming on Amazon Prime Video on 29 November. Starring Adam Driver, Annette Bening, Jon Hamm, Maura Tierney and Michael C. Hall, THE REPORT is written and directed by Scott Z. Burns. It received its world premiere to critical acclaim at the Sundance Film Festival early this year and will receive its international premiere at Toronto International Film Festival on 8 September.

Following 9/11, the CIA operated ‘enhanced interrogation’, an intelligence programme they claimed was “safe, legal and effective”. In truth what they built was brutal, twisted and incompetent. THE REPORT tells the real-life story of Daniel J. Jones (Adam Driver), a senate staffer who worked for six years with a very small team to reveal that truth, and to hold America’s institutions accountable in the face of cynical politics and fear.

Wednesday 21 August 2019

Scarborough UK Premiere announcement and in cinemas 6th September

Two mismatched lovers arrive at the British seaside town of Scarborough, seeking an escape from the constraints of real life. Liz, desperately shy and beautiful, seems older than her companion, the happy-go-lucky and impulsive Daz. In their faded hotel room, amongst the peeling wallpaper and away from the prying eyes of their hometown, they laugh, quarrel, make love and enjoy their anonymity.

In an identical room in the same hotel, the sensitive artist Aiden and Beth, a fiery and impulsive young woman, tell the same story. As both couples are forced to come to terms with the illicit nature of their impossible love, power shifts from one lover to the other, and joy turns to heartache as they reel from the destructive force of illicit love.

Scarborough, from the producers of Lady Macbeth, stars Jodhi May (Netflix’s The Witcher), Jordan Bolger (Peaky Blinders), Edward Hogg (Jupiter Ascending) and Jessica Barden (The Lobster, The End of the F***king World). Adapted from the acclaimed play by Fiona Evans, it is written and directed by Barnaby Southcombe (I, Anna).

Kaleidoscope Entertainment presents Scarborough in selected cinemas from 6th September 2019
UK Premiere + Q&A on Friday 6th September (7pm) at The Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough, North Yorkshire

Book premiere tickets:

AD ASTRA - IMAX Exclusive Trailer

Astronaut Roy McBride (Brad Pitt) travels to the outer edges of the solar system to find his missing father and unravel a mystery that threatens the survival of our planet. His journey will uncover secrets that challenge the nature of human existence and our place in the cosmos.

Rambo Last Blood - New Official Trailer

Sylvester Stallone, Paz Vega, Sergio Peris-Mencheta, Adrianna Barraza, Yvette Monreal, Genie Kim aka Yenah Han, Joaquin Cosio, and Oscar Jaenada
Directed by: Adrian Grunberg

Almost four decades after he drew first blood, Sylvester Stallone is back as one of the greatest action heroes of all time, John Rambo. Now, Rambo must confront his past and unearth his ruthless combat skills to exact revenge in a final mission. A deadly journey of vengeance, RAMBO: LAST BLOOD marks the last chapter of the legendary series.

Lionsgate in association with Millennium Media presents, a Millennium Media Balboa Productions and Templeton Media production, in association with Campbell Grobman Films, and in association with Dadi Film (HK) Limited.

RAMBO: LAST BLOOD is in cinemas September 19

SCOOTER - Starring Mitch Lemos - In select theaters this September

The Three Amigoes are life-long best friends and partners in crime. They became internet famous after their YouTube channel went viral. Each episode of their antics has them undertaking some ridiculous challenge. From racing cars to tricycles and from the waters of the South Atlantic to the bottom of a swimming pool, there’s no challenge too stupid. Like a pack of cats, they always land on their feet.

The Amigoes latest challenge is to ride scooters from Miami to New Orleans. Each person has $1000 to get a scooter, pay for gas, food, and lodging. After they select their vehicles and pack their bags, it’s time to hit the road. They soon find that their 50CC scooters are no match of I-95, and they retreat to the side roads to continue their epic 900 mile journey. While the road is smoother, the trip gets a lot bumpier. One of the scooters break down, the friends start to fight amongst each other, and their troubles reach a climax when they witness and video a murder.

Stuck in rural Florida with two working scooters, they have little hope of escape, and the killer is hot on their trail. What was once a leisurely trip becomes a fight for survival. They end up captured, tortured, and it’s clear they won’t all survive. When those who are sworn to protect you are the problem, where do you turn? Will they all die in a small backwater town, or can they once again defy the odds and come out alive?

2 x Trailers - Marriage Story - In select theatres and on Netflix this Autumn

MARRIAGE STORY is Academy Award nominated filmmaker Noah Baumbach's incisive and compassionate portrait of a marriage breaking up and a family staying together. The film stars Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver, Laura Dern, Alan Alda, and Ray Liotta co-star.

Monday 19 August 2019

Competition: Win Flight of the Navigator [Limited Edition] on Blu-ray

Flight of the Navigator [Limited Edition] is out on Blu-ray on August 26th.

And to celebrate we have a great competition for you and a copy to give away.

Prepare for take-off as Flight of the Navigator, the action-packed classic 80s adventure, gets a brand new 4K scan and restoration and makes its arrival on Limited Edition Blu-ray thanks to Second Sight Films on 26 August 2019.

Take a journey back in time to re-live this family sci-fi like never before, as the film has been painstakingly  restored to its very best under the supervision of its director Randal Kleiser (Grease, The Blue Lagoon). It arrives on Blu-ray complete with a host of fascinating special features including brand new interviews plus a reversible sleeve featuring new and original artwork. The Limited Edition is presented in a rigid slipcase with new artwork by Rich Davies, a 100-page soft cover book with Kleiser’s complete original storyboard and a new essay by Kevin Lyons, original production notes and behind the scenes photos.

It's 1978 and 12-year-old David Freeman is mysteriously knocked unconscious while out playing. He wakes up and heads for home only to find strangers living there. It's now 1986 and he's been missing for eight years.

He discovers a top-secret spaceship and with the help of MAX the computer sets off on an incredible mission to get back to the past where he belongs.

Buy from Amazon by clicking here (Opens in a new window)

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Friday 16 August 2019

Scout Taylor-Compton's Eternal Code Theatrical Trailer

Eternal Code stars Richard Tyson (Black Hawk Down), Scout Taylor-Compton (Rob Zombie’s Halloween 1 & 2), Billy Wirth (The Lost Boys), Yan Birch (Wes Craven’s The People Under the Stairs), Mel Novak (Bruce Lee’s Game of Death), Erika Hoveland (Injustice For All), Damien Chinappi (Betrayed), Kaiti Wallen (Moving Parts), Angelina Danielle Cama (Abstruse), Vida Ghaffari (The Mindy Project), Shane Hagedorn (Wild Faith), Harley Wallen (Bennett’s Song) and Calhoun Koenig (Law & Order SVU).

Breaking all moral and ethical codes, a genetic research company has developed a miracle device to sustain human life for the rich and powerful. When the company’s CEO (Erika Hoveland) refuses to approve these illegal methods, she and her husband (Billy Wirth) are kidnapped by a team of mercenaries (Scout Taylor-Compton, Harley Wallen) hired by Oliver (Richard Tyson) to keep them out of the way.  Fearing for her parents’ lives, their teenage daughter (Angelina Danielle Cama) must develop an unlikely ally (Damien Chinappi) to save her parents from those who would kill to live forever.

Eternal Code is written, directed and produced by Harley Wallen, Executive Produced by Annette Cama and Co-Produced by Nancy Oeswein.

“It’s a very exciting moment as a filmmaker when your film gets released,” said Harley Wallen.  “Eternal Code is a timely story that will get your heart pumping and there are exceptional performance on both sides of the camera.  I’m very grateful for this massive upcoming release theatrically and on VOD and DVD.  We have a truly great team releasing this film.  Vision Films has been an exceptional partner for many years.  They previously released my film Betrayed which is now available almost everywhere across the globe.  Also, when I started making films, Emagine welcomed me with open arms and we’ve had so many huge premieres together.  I’m grateful to both companies for their work on the release.”

"Vision Films is pleased to be working with Harley Wallen and Painted Creek Productions on their newest release, Eternal Code," said Lise Romanoff, CEO/Managing Director of Vision Films.  “Vision has previously released the Painted Creek films Betrayed and Bennett’s Song are we are thrilled to continue our partnership with Harley who not only is a gifted writer and director but whose acting ranges from family man to mobster.”

Eternal Code will enjoy a limited theatrical release beginning on August 30th in select markets and will be released on all major cable platforms and on VOD including iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay, Vudu, and FandangoNow on September 6th.  The DVD release is scheduled for later this fall.

In a star-studded event, Vision Films and Painted Creek will showcase the world premiere screening of Eternal Code at the TLC Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California on September 4th.

Thursday 15 August 2019

LAST CHRISTMAS - Official Trailer (Emilia Clarke, Emma Thompson) | AMC Theatres (2019)

Kate (Clarke) harumphs around London, a bundle of bad decisions accompanied by the jangle of bells on her shoes, another irritating consequence from her job as an elf in a year-round Christmas shop. Tom (Golding) seems too good to be true when he walks into her life and starts to see through so many of Kate's barriers. As London transforms into the most wonderful time of the year, nothing should work for these two. But sometimes, you gotta let the snow fall where it may, you gotta listen to your heart... and you gotta have faith.

Coming to AMC Theatres November 2019.

The inclusion of Dirt Music in TIFF’s latest line-up announcement brings to a total of eight the number of Film4 titles that will World Premiere at the 2019 Toronto Film Festival.

Justin Kurzel’s True History of the Kelly Gang will bow as a Gala Presentation. George MacKay, Essie Davis, Nicholas Hoult, Thomasin McKenzie and Russell Crowe star in this thrilling, bold adaptation of Peter Carey’s Booker Prize-winning novel.

Armando Iannucci’s The Personal History of David Copperfield, already announced as the opening night of this year’s BFI London Film Festival, is one of four Film4 titles to debut in TIFF’s Special Presentations strand. Dev Patel, Tilda Swinton, Hugh Laurie, Peter Capaldi and Ben Whishaw lead the all-star cast of this fresh and distinctive take on Charles Dickens’ semi-autobiographical masterpiece.

Michael Winterbottom’s satire on the super-rich Greed starring Steve Coogan, Coky Giedroyc’s adaptation of Caitlin Moran’s How To Build a Girl featuring Beanie Feldstein, and Gregor Jordan’s adaptation of Tim Winton’s Man Booker-shortlisted Dirt Music starring Kelly Macdonald and Garrett Hedlund, will all unspool in Special Presentations.

Sarah Gavron’s Rocks has been picked as the opening night film of TIFF’s Platform section. Developed in a unique workshopping process with non-actors, the film is a big-hearted story about being a teenage girl in contemporary London, capturing the spirit, joy and resilience of a multi-cultural group of young women rarely represented in British cinema.

Nick Rowland’s debut feature Calm With Horses, a dark story of crime and family starring Cosmo Jarvis, Barry Keoghan and Niamh Algar, will launch in the Discovery strand.

And Saint Maud, a psychological horror film that marks the feature debut of Rose Glass, will be unveiled in Midnight Madness. Morfydd Clark (who also features in The Personal History of David Copperfield) and Jennifer Ehle star.

Director of Film4 Daniel Battsek comments: “We’re extremely grateful to Cameron, Joana and all the TIFF selectors for picking such a wide range of Film4 titles at this year’s festival. We are delighted for the filmmakers on each and every one of these projects. It’s particularly pleasing that they represent Film4’s broad slate, including two bigger budget co-productions, two debut features and three out of eight films from female directors.”

Tuesday 13 August 2019

Official Trailer : SEEDS in theaters and On Demand this September / Horror, Owen Long

Dark Star Pictures and Uncork’d Entertainment present SEEDS, in theaters September 13 and on VOD/DVD September 24.

Starring Trevor Long, star of Netflix drama Ozark, nominated for 9 Emmy Awards, director Owen Long’s SEEDS is a gothic horror about a man haunted by his dark past while pursuing some self-care on the New England coast.

After a night of debauchery spirals out of control, Marcus retreats to his family home along the New England coast. Solitude is disturbed when his brother asks Marcus to look after his estranged nephew and niece. As days pass, solace escapes him; he feels baited by a dark force. Is he losing his mind or has something terrible burrowed deep within him? Incubating. Waiting until the climate is right. Haunted by his deepest fears, Marcus struggles not to succumb as he fights to protect Lily, his beloved niece from a monster that lies in wait.

Andrea Chen, Garr Long, and Kevin Breznahan star opposite Trevor Long in an Owen Long film Seeds, written by Steven Weisman, out this September from Dark Star Pictures and Uncork'd Entertainment.

Asterix: The Secret of the Magic Potion - New Poster and Trailer

On the 60th anniversary of the much-adored comic book series, Asterix and Obelix embark on a quest across Gaul looking for a young druid worthy of learning the secret of the magic potion – a formula which has long helped to keep the Gaulish village safe against Julius Caesar and his invading army.

However, once Asterix and Obelix begin their quest, all hell breaks loose at home as the Romans start attacking the village and an evil wizard named Sulfurix does everything he can to steal the potion's secret recipe.

Based on the beloved books by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo
Original Story by Alexandre Astier
Directed by Alexandre Astier and Louis Clichy.

Asterix: The Secret of the Magic Potion is in cinemas nationwide 30 August

Official Trailer : STRANGER THINGS meets Scooby Doo in DEBUNKERS.INC / Available September on Demand

Stranger Things meets Scooby Doo in director Matt Thompson's family-friendly high school murder mystery, DEBUNKERS, INC. released September 3 from Prolific Pictures.

The Debunkers are a band of amateur detectives, who will do anything to become heroes (and make a buck while they’re at it). The hero’s code names are Link, Snake and Dr. Mario— named after their favorite video game characters.

Link, the CEO and leader, is more interested in the look of the business, rather than doing business. Doc, the CIO (Chief Investigative Officer) is Link’s honorable, trustworthy friend who is happy to bring along a new friend, Sheik (the intern, a Canadian foreign exchange girl), to join the group… and then there’s Snake (the Vice President of Clandestine Maneuvers, and Secretary), the mysterious wild-card who thinks he’s really a ninja and life is a series of video-game levels. Together these are the Debunkers, the self-proclaimed “premiere Mystery Debunking business in the state of California.”

These boys are willing to fake it till they make it, and so far they’ve solved only a handful of petty mysteries, but they’re about to get the assignment of a lifetime. During their first day of senior year of high school, two desperate girls, Heather and Joyce, call upon their help to solve the mystery of the murder of their friend, Nina Galanosa. The Debunkers, eager as ever to prove themselves, quickly agree, but soon begin to deal with expectations of reality.

Josh Pinkowski, Izzy Pollak, Blake Kevin Dwyer, Nicole Dubois, Eilise Guilfoyle, Cayla Green, Tennyson Shanahan, Matthew Law, Suzana Norberg, Joe Paulson and Ryan Andrews star in a Matt Thompson film.

DEBUNKERS, INC. will be released on Sep 3 on Amazon, Vudu, iTunes and GooglePlay.
Pre-Order from Amazon here - (Link opens in a new window)


Writer-director Miles Doleac (Demons, Hallowed Ground) is in production on his latest film, The Dinner Party, a wickedly delish slice of horror that’s part Guto Parente’s The Cannibal Club, part Mother, and all scares!

A budding playwright and his wife attend a dinner party hosted by wealthy, cultural elites, who have promised to bankroll the writer's latest play to Broadway, but, in fact, have darker designs in mind for the couple.

Shooting in Hattiesburg, MS, the film stars Bill Sage, Lindsay Anne Williams, Jeremy London, Mike Mayhall, Alli Hart, Ritchie Montgomery and Doleac, best known for his roles on TV’s Banshee and American Horror Story.

Says Doleac : "The Dinner Party is this delightfully weird, yet poignant piece of horror satire that presents itself as the twisted love child of "Eyes Wide Shut", "Mother", the "American Horror Story" anthology, and "The Rocky Horror Picture Show". It's unlike anything I've directed to date and certainly a departure from the recent work I've done in the realm of Southern Gothic. We've gone bolder this time around. We're swinging for the fences."

Release date to be announced.

Interview with Joseph Mbah – Director of EXPO

EXPO, explains writer/director Joseph Mbah, is a tribute to the action movie classics of the ‘80s.

Is this your love letter to the action films of the ‘80s, Joseph?
In a way yes it is. I was for sure influenced by those action films.

Tell us about the films that influenced you and your career. Were many of them action films like EXPO?
Growing up I watched pretty much anything with Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger,  and Jackie Chan in it. But the one movie that made me realize what a movie is and how it can make you feel is Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight. I was already fascinated with filmmking before I saw the film, but after I seen Dark Knight, I understood the power of cinema. 

What does the title, EXPO, refer to?
The title was created by me and producer Amber Thompson. It comes from the word exposition. One of the definitions of exposition is a large public exhibition of art or trade goods. Which is what takes place in the film, but it is people instead of art that is put on display.

Can you talk about your directing choices here on the film - - there’s shots that are reminiscent of early McTiernan and even Besson. 
My directing choices were made in service of the story. Throughout the film I did my best to think of what is taking place in the story and in the character’s lives and make decisions based on that. So my shot choices were not necessarily trying to imitate McTiernan and Besson, it was more trying to figure out how to best pull people into the story and into what the characters are feeling.
I was also thinking a lot about symbolism and subtext, for example when the main character was making a choice on either to get help or do things his own way, which meant him digging back into his past. I decided to put him between an open door to his closet and behind him is a box containing his past.  Not sure if anyone noticed but I think it helps in pushing the story forward visually.

Did the script change much before you shot the film?
The script changed for sure while I was writing and getting feedback, but eventually we all landed on the version of the script we liked and ran with it.

How would you describe Derek Davenport?
Derek Davenport is an amazing human being. I worked with him prior to Expo and I was drawn to his work ethic and dedication to his craft. He shows up, does his job, and puts a smile on the faces of people around him.

Was it important to you that the movie be as grounded as possible?
Yes it was very important for many reasons.

It’s an entertaining movie, but would you say there’s also a message within it?
There are two messages behind it for me. The first is that no one person can do it alone, we all need help, and the second was to show that human trafficking happens not just on a big scale, but also right in your backyard, and it goes unnoticed.

EXPO is now available on Amazon Prime

Saturday 10 August 2019

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark - Movie Review

The shadow of the Bellows family has loomed large in the small town of Mill Valley for generations. It's in a mansion that young Sarah Bellows turns her tortured life and horrible secrets into a series of scary stories. These terrifying tales soon have a way of becoming all too real for a group of unsuspecting teens who stumble upon Sarah's spooky home.

Release date: 23 August 2019 (United Kingdom)

Chris Stuckmann reviews Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, starring Zoe Colletti, Michael Garza, Gabriel Rush, Austin Abrams, Dean Norris, Gil Bellows, Lorraine Toussaint, Austin Zajur, Natalie Ganzhorn. Directed by André Øvredal.

HELLmington Starring Michael Ironside, Nicola Correia-Damude - New Trailer and Poster

In 1999, outside the sleepy town of Hellmington, troubled high school senior Katie Owens mysteriously vanished.

Nine years later, Detective Samantha Woodhouse, a former classmate of Katie’s, returns to Hellmington for the first time since graduation to deal with the unexpected death of her father. His passing just another tragedy in an already devastating year for Sam: her own daughter was murdered, resulting in a downward spiral of anguish and guilt that has slowly destroyed her marriage and career.

Sam soon discovers that her father’s demise is one in a series of suspicious deaths over the last several years, and it appears that the grisly fatalities are becoming more frequent. Even more alarming, every victim circles back to the troubled Katie Owens.

Battling hallucinations, insomnia and her own personal demons, Sam struggles to uncover the disturbing truth of what really happened to Katie Owens; a mystery that will lead her to a secretive, centuries-old cult of revenge.

From Uncork’d Entertainment, HELLmington on VOD and DVD September 10.

Friday 9 August 2019

A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon Flocks to the Cinema in New Trailer

Prepare for lift-off as Shaun is back for his biggest adventure yet in, A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon. Ahead of its October release, the film will feature in an exclusive trailer for the Industry Trust’s Moments Worth Paying For campaign.

The trailer features bespoke animation showing Shaun the Sheep flocking to the cinema and championing the value of film on the big screen. From the snacks, the comfy seats and the incredible first encounters - the trailer aims to show audiences that the cinema is the best place to enjoy “out of this world movie moments” and that these are moments worth paying for. Like others in the Moments Worth Paying For series, the trailer directs audiences to the industry-funded film search engine,, which signposts legal content sources, so consumers can book, buy and watch movies at their convenience.

A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon is released in UK cinemas on 18th October 2019.

In A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon strange lights over the quiet town of Mossingham herald the arrival of a mystery visitor from far across the galaxy. When the intergalactic guest – an impish and adorable alien called LU-LA – crash-lands near Mossy Bottom Farm, Shaun soon sees an opportunity for alien-powered fun and adventure and sets off on a mission to shepherd LU-LA home. Her magical alien powers, irrepressible mischief and galactic sized burps soon have the flock enchanted. However, when Shaun takes his new extra-terrestrial friend on the road to Mossingham Forest to find her lost spaceship, he is unaware that a sinister alien-hunting agency is on their trail. Can Shaun and the flock avert Farmageddon on Mossy Bottom Farm before it’s too late?

Is this real or...? EMPATHY INC. - the most groundbreaking sci-fi film of 2019 coming to theaters this September

Dark Star Pictures will release the critically acclaimed EMPATHY INC in theaters (9/13) and VOD (9/24) this fall.

Yedidya Gorsetman’s sci-fi thriller tells of an investor in a VR startup discovers that the reality the company provides isn’t virtual.

Hotshot venture capitalist Joel has a multimillion-dollar deal go up in smoke, and he and his actress wife Jessica are forced to move in with her parents and start from scratch. At the lowest and most desperate moment in his life, Joel meets old friend Nicolaus

and his business partner Lester, who are seeking investors in a new technology known as XVR—Xtreme Virtual Reality—from their company Empathy, Inc., which is said to offer the most realistic and moving experiences for users by placing them in the lives of the less fortunate. Joel gets the startup its funds but soon discovers that the tech's creators have far more sinister uses in store for their creation and that the reality it provides its customers isn't virtual.

A MILLION LITTLE PIECES | New UK trailer and poster

An alcoholic and a drug addict, 23-year-old James has two options: treatment or death. After waking up on a plane with a smashed-up face and no memory of the past few weeks, he heads to rehab where he discovers much more than detox and therapy. As James endures the white-knuckle journey of mending his broken body, he heals his broken soul by connecting with other kindred spirits who also yearn and fight for a better life.

A MILLION LITTLE PIECES is the latest film from acclaimed director Sam Taylor-Johnson and stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson in a tour de force performance. Based on the best-selling book by James Frey with a screenplay by Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Sam Taylor-Johnson, the film also stars Billy Bob Thornton, Juliette Lewis, Giovanni Ribisi, and Odessa Young.

Directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson (Fifty Shades of Grey, Nowhere Boy)
Written by James Frey (memoir), Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Sam Taylor-Johnson (screenplay)
Starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Kick-Ass, Nocturnal Animals), Billy Bob Thornton (Sling Blade, Armageddon), Juliette Lewis (Cape Fear, August: Osage County), Giovanni Ribisi (Avatar, A Million Ways to Die in the West), and Odessa Young (Assassination Nation)

Wednesday 7 August 2019

The Day Shall Come - First film in nine years from Chris Morris, director of Four Lions

An impoverished preacher who brings hope to the Miami projects is offered cash to save his family from eviction. He has no idea his sponsor works for the FBI who plan to turn him into a criminal by fuelling his madcap revolutionary dreams.

Based on a hundred true stories, the explosive new comedy from Chris Morris is an emotionally gripping thriller that exposes the dark farce at the heart of the homeland security project: it is harder to catch a real terrorist than it is to manufacture your own.

Marchánt Davis, Danielle Brooks, Anna Kendrick, Denis O'Hare, Jim Gaffigan and Kayvan Novak star in The Day Shall Come, the new film from director Chris Morris, who co-wrote the script with Jesse Armstrong.

eOne release the film in UK cinemas October 12th.

Tuesday 6 August 2019

Official Secrets | New Poster

In 2003, as politicians in Britain and the US angle to invade Iraq, GCHQ translator Katharine Gun leaks a classified e-mail that urges spying on members of the UN Security Council to force through the resolution to go to war. Charged with breaking the Official Secrets Act, and facing imprisonment, Katharine and her lawyers set out to defend her actions. With her life, liberty and marriage threatened, she must stand up for what she believes in…


Keira Knightley (Colette, The Imitation Game) stars as Katharine Gun alongside Matt Smith (Doctor Who, The Crown), Matthew Goode (The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, The Crown) and Ralph Fiennes (Spectre, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Schindler’s List).

Official Secrets is directed by Gavin Hood (Eye in the Sky, Rendition, Tsotsi), written by Gavin Hood, Sara Bernstein, Gregory Bernstein and produced by Ged Doherty (Eye in the Sky, Loving), Elizabeth Fowler (Devil’s Knot) and Melissa Shiyu Zuo.

Monday 5 August 2019

The Counterfeiter | UK Trailer | 2019 | Yun-Fat Chow (AKA Project Gutenberg)

An action-packed, twisty and tension filled crime thriller described as "Cinema perfection". The Counterfeiter is The Usual Suspects meets The Fight Club starring action legend Yun-Fat Chow (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon).

Hong Kong police are hunting an exceptional counterfeiting gang led by a mastermind code-named “Painter”. In order to crack the true identity of the corrupt genius, the police recruit a gang member to unmask the "Painter's" identity; a hunt which leads to further deceit and bloodshed.

Buy the Region 1 Import now on Blu-ray - Amazon link opens in a new window

The Farewell - Movie Review By Chris Stuckmann

Chris Stuckmann reviews The Farewell starring, Awkwafina, Tzi Ma, Diana Lin, Zhao Shuzhen, Lu Hong, Jiang Yongbo. Directed by Lulu Wang.

A Chinese family discovers their grandmother has only a short while left to live and decide to keep her in the dark, scheduling a wedding to gather before she dies.

Competition: Win In Bruges Limited Edition on Blu-ray

In Bruges Limited Edition  is out on Blu-ray on August 19th.

And to celebrate we have a great competition for you and a copy to give away.

Hilariously dark hitman movie with a heart, In Bruges, is set to arrive in the UK in a Limited-Edition Blu-ray release, complete with brand new special features courtesy of Second Sight.

From award-winning director Martin McDonagh (Three Bill Boards Outside Ebbing Missouri), the film was originally released in 2008 and has gone on to earn cult status. It sees Brendan Gleeson (Cold Mountain) and Colin Farrell (The Lobster) in career defining, critically acclaimed performances, as a pair of hired heavies sent to lie low in the Belgian city after a botched hit, with the Daily Express saying ‘Gleeson is a delight and Farrell gives his best performance’.

Ralph Fiennes (The Grand Budapest Hotel) stars as their boss and the line-up also features Elizabeth Berrington (Good Omens), Clémence Poésy (The Tunnel) and Eric Godon (The Missing).

Following a job that’s gone very badly wrong, two hitmen Ray (Farrell) and Ken (Gleeson) are sent to Bruges by their boss Harry (Fiennes) and told to hide out and await instructions. Ken falls in love with the cobbled streets and canals of the picturesque city but for Ray it’s torturous boredom and he spends his time upsetting everyone he encounters from locals and tourists. When the call finally comes from Harry it may not be the ticket out they were hoping for.

In Bruges Limited Edition features stunning packaging, with new artwork by Thomas Walker, who also designed the exclusive cover for the Faber and Faber screenplay included with the release, alongside a 50-page soft cover book. There’s a slew of special features including McDonagh’s Oscar Winning Short Film Six Shooter in HD and more (see attached for details).

Pack your things it’s time to escape In Bruges.

Buy from Amazon by clicking here (Opens in a new window)

For your chance to win just answer the question below.

Competition Closed

Terms and conditions
1. Closing date 26-08-19
2. No alternative prize is available
3. When the competition ends as indicated on this page, any and all entries received after this point will not count and emails blacklisted due to not checking this page first.
4. Winners will be chosen randomly and will be informed via email.

Sunday 4 August 2019

Tables - Concept Trailer starring Ronda Rousey

Browsey Acres is a place of peace. Or it was. Ronda Rousey and Travis Browne were hoping to have a pleasant weekend with old friend Devon “D-Von” Hughes, when his Hall of Fame past of destroying generic tables finally catches up to him.

What follows is a wild ride across the farm as evil wooden bastards terrorize Ronda, Travis, D-Von, Julia De Mars, and the goats.

Watch the full trailer for TABLES here:

Sometime in June 2019, No DNB Productions was notified that Devon Hughes, aka WWE Hall of Famer D-Von Dudley, wanted to collaborate on a project. Ronda Rousey’s production company put their heads together and came up with TABLES, a tale of survival horror and high spots starring Ronda and Devon, fighting sentient… tables.

Considering the number of tables Devon has put to an early grave throughout his career, the idea of tables finally getting Devon (instead of the other way around) seemed like a natural story for writers Jason Nawara and Justin Golightly.

A few weeks, a two-hour pitch, and a 25-page document explaining the world of TABLES later, Ronda and Travis Browne signed up to star in and executive produce the piece.

The next step was finding someone who could pull the vision off technically. That was Kyle Nilges, a cinematographer out of Chicago who co-directed the madness along with writer/producer Justin Golightly.

Joining Kyle from Chicago was editor Vince Nigito, a veteran director and editor out of Chicago. Vince spent many long nights piecing many different versions of TABLES together, all under great duress.

But the world of TABLES doesn’t end with the trailer.

See more on this "movie" at

Sometimes it's hard to keep a straight face as demonic TABLES attack, even when you're a pro like Ronda Rousey. 

Saturday 3 August 2019

Madness in the Method - Official Trailer

Buckle up for a hilarious thrill-ride, as Jason Mewes (one half of iconic comedy duo Jay and Silent Bob) delivers murder, madness and meta-moviemaking in his star-powered directorial debut.

The only way to survive in Hollywood is to toughen up, or embrace insanity! At least that’s the advice Kevin Smith passes on to his best friend Jason Mewes, problem is, Smith was joking about the latter…

No longer content being known only as Jay from Jay and Silent Bob, Jason takes matters into his own hands and hatches a plan to change people’s perception of him in the movie business. Did the plan involve a killing spree, a wide scale police investigation and international press scrutiny? Probably not, but whatever works, right? Can Jason get away with murder and climb his way to the top of Hollywood or is it all just the fantastical ‘mewesings’ of an insane ex drug addict?

Madness in the Method features an all-star cast of movie legends old and new as well as the final on screen performance from Marvel legend and king of cameos Stan Lee. Ahead of the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, follow the insanity as Jason Mewes takes control of his very first movie!

Buy FrightFest Tickets:

FrightFest presents the European Premiere of Madness in the Method on 24 August at 8.45pm in the Arrow Video Screen and 9.15pm in the Horror Channel Screen at the Cineworld Leicester Square