Sunday 4 August 2019

Tables - Concept Trailer starring Ronda Rousey

Browsey Acres is a place of peace. Or it was. Ronda Rousey and Travis Browne were hoping to have a pleasant weekend with old friend Devon “D-Von” Hughes, when his Hall of Fame past of destroying generic tables finally catches up to him.

What follows is a wild ride across the farm as evil wooden bastards terrorize Ronda, Travis, D-Von, Julia De Mars, and the goats.

Watch the full trailer for TABLES here:

Sometime in June 2019, No DNB Productions was notified that Devon Hughes, aka WWE Hall of Famer D-Von Dudley, wanted to collaborate on a project. Ronda Rousey’s production company put their heads together and came up with TABLES, a tale of survival horror and high spots starring Ronda and Devon, fighting sentient… tables.

Considering the number of tables Devon has put to an early grave throughout his career, the idea of tables finally getting Devon (instead of the other way around) seemed like a natural story for writers Jason Nawara and Justin Golightly.

A few weeks, a two-hour pitch, and a 25-page document explaining the world of TABLES later, Ronda and Travis Browne signed up to star in and executive produce the piece.

The next step was finding someone who could pull the vision off technically. That was Kyle Nilges, a cinematographer out of Chicago who co-directed the madness along with writer/producer Justin Golightly.

Joining Kyle from Chicago was editor Vince Nigito, a veteran director and editor out of Chicago. Vince spent many long nights piecing many different versions of TABLES together, all under great duress.

But the world of TABLES doesn’t end with the trailer.

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Sometimes it's hard to keep a straight face as demonic TABLES attack, even when you're a pro like Ronda Rousey.