Wednesday 17 June 2015

Strong Women of Entourage

Entourage is the ultimate story of four bros living it up in Hollywood. Vince may be the playboy movie star living the dream life, but take a look behind Vinnie’s success, and you’ll find a number of women helping him every step of the way. Appearing in both the show and upcoming feature film, these are more than just pretty faces. Here, we salute their strength, intelligence, and success!

Dana Gordon

Dana is the studio president. In a show where studio execs are generally portrayed as horrible people, Dana is one of the few shown in a positive light. She goes out of her way to help Vince and Ari achieve their goals while simultaneously maintaining a long-standing and fruitful working relationship with Gold.

Shauna Roberts

Shauna is Vince’s no-nonsense publicist. She is a self-described mother figure to Vince and has no problem with brutal honesty – particularly when it comes to telling Johnny “Drama” when to shut up. Her job is to craft Vince’s public image, a very frustrating task considering Vince’s laid back Cali attitude and questionable decision-making skills.

Sloan McQuewick

Sloan is a sweet and sassy girl with a levelled head and successful involvement in charity work. Self-confident and lovable, she has captured the hearts of all Entourage viewers with her warm personality, becoming a lasting fan-favourite. The film sees Sloan take on her next and perhaps most important role – motherhood.

Amanda Daniels

Amanda Daniels is a determined Hollywood agent who represents Vince during his brief separation from Ari. She is strong-willed and outspoken – two reasons that fuel Vince’s crush on her in the third series. Her dinner showdown with Ari goes down in history as one of the greatest public arguments on TV!

Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey is, both literally and figuratively, one of the strongest women out there. At Beijing 2008, she became the first women to earn an Olympic medal in judo before moving into MMA in 2010. Since her debut, she has become the number one pound-for-pound female MMA fighter in the world! What’s more, Rousey’s success extends even beyond the ring, as she has appeared in a number of feature films including Expendables 3 and Furious 7. Ronda’s role in Entourage sees her confront Turtle as an equal in the business and MMA worlds. One thing we learned: don’t mess with Rousey!

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is an actress turned savvy businesswoman. After a number of years as a successful actress – appearing in movies such as Sin City, Honey, Fantastic Four and Into the Blue – she set out to begin her own business venture. Launching in 2012, The Honest Company is a collection of toxin-free household goods, diapers, and body care products which is now valued at $1 billion dollars. Jessica doesn’t mess around in Entourage either – she tells Ari Gold exactly what she wants (and gets it!).

Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski’s rise to fame has been a rapid affair. She shot to stardom following her appearance in Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’ video and has since been a recurring cover girl for publications like GQ, Cosmopolitan and FHM. Esquire even named her ‘Woman of the Year’ in 2013, beating out hundreds of other women for the title. Apart from her editorial accomplishments, Emily has displayed an unflagging determination to find additional success in the film industry. After scoring a part in David Fincher’s Academy Award-nominated Gone Girl, she has secured a leading role in the upcoming film We Are Friends opposite Zac Efron. It looks like Emily’s star is continuing to rise!

Keep an eye out for Emily and the other strong women of Entourage, in cinemas Friday.