Wednesday 17 June 2015


Filled with booze, sex, and all-night romps, Entourage: The Movie gives the Everyman a two-hour glimpse into the hedonistic, drunken debauchery of the Hollywood elite. Turtle has become a tequila aficionado, pioneering his own brand of the stuff and earning millions of his own dollars. “Drama”, seeking solace from the clutches of his career woes, drinks cocktails of molly and water. And then, of course, there’s our Golden Boy, Vince, kissing scantily-clad women just days after the dissolution of a nine-day marriage... The boys are back at it again – and showing us, perhaps, just what it means to have livers of indestructible steel. (Is “limitless stamina” hidden in those awards show swag bags?).

It’s no secret that many of today’s rich and famous enjoy honing not just their craft, but the art of boozing as well. It’s the era of La Lohan, after all, where the DUI’s and mug-shots of every twenty-something starlet have become front-page tabloid fodder...

What’s often over-looked, however, are the partying elite of Hollywood’s yesteryears – Sinatra, Burton, Warhol...Booze-fuelled and riding the crests of superstardom, some of cinema’s greatest legends have reputations that would make even Vince and his gang run for the nearest detox. Without the constant scrutiny of Internet gossip-mongers, Classic Hollywood could afford to be a little looser, drink a little more vodka, and hop from bed to bed with reckless abandon...

Take a look at some of Hollywood’s most notorious partiers below. Could the Entourage boys keep up? Could you?

Ava Gardner: With those heavy lidded cat-eyes and raw sensuality, Ava Gardner was a femme fatale of the rarest form. A man-magnet and booze-lover, Gardner was already a two-time divorcee by the tender age of 23 – a testament, perhaps, to the irresistibility of her appeal and often fickle temperament. Gardner was usually seen cavorting about on the town, flirting with her endless line of suitors and drinking everyone else under the table. Even legendary crooner and then-married man, Frank Sinatra, was no match for Ava’s charms. In fact, the pair’s relationship led to the demise of Frank’s marriage to Nancy Sinatra, earning Ava a few points in The Homewrecker’s Hall of Fame...They divorced years later after multiple break-ups and passionate reunions, spurring Gardner to find refuge in Spain amongst sexy bullfighters and late-night skinny dipping sessions with Ernest Hemingway. A lover of life and love, Gardner once stated she wished grow old “with a lot of wonderful chums, good music, and booze around.”

Andy Warhol: Andy Warhol was a man who surrounded himself with a variety of creative types. From fellow artists and musicians to drag queens and sexual radicals, the famous icon had a posse that surpassed even Entourage standards. Nowhere was this penchant for individuality and liberalism more apparent than in his famous “Factory” where he and his like-minded companions would gather to drown in an all-consuming cocktail of art, love, and drugs. A day in Warhol’s Factory was truly a feast of talent and debauchery that continued long past the sinking of the sun. Rampant amphetamine consumption, adult film production, and regular appearances from “superstars” like Edie Sedgwick and Bob Dylan were all part of the Warhol-“Factory” norm. Apart from being the mastermind behind this centre of bohemianism and artistic expression (in all its forms), Andy had a notoriously addictive personality. Extremism was his game, and this manifested itself in his art, shopping habits, and dalliances with harder drugs like heroin and prescription pills.

Frank Sinatra: With three marriages in his arsenal and a number of extramarital affairs, Frank Sinatra had garnered a bit of a reputation for womanising in his hey-day. Beyond a closet full of romantic scandals (one of which involved a staged suicide attempt to guilt-trip the aforementioned Ava Gardner), however, was the excessive boozing and subsequent violent tantrums. Sinatra loved throwing parties for his famous friends – dubbed “The Rat Pack”, each member clad in a monogrammed robe supplied by singer-actor – hosting legendary all-night fetes in his large California home. As time progressed and fame began to elude him, Sinatra’s depression and alcohol abuse increased. Notorious incidences include a drunken golf cart crash and a $500,000 gambling debt (all amassed in a single night)!

But what cocktail was most likely responsible for such debauchery, you ask? Frank’s perennial favourite: Jack Daniel’s whiskey with four ice cubes and a splash of water. Rumour even has it that his Twin Palms home sported a Jack Daniel’s flag which, when raised, signified the beginning of another round of rapacious schmoozing and boozing with friends. Maybe if Ol’ Blue Eyes were around today, Turtle could convert him into a tequila-lover...

Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor: Arguably Hollywood’s most famous couple, the lore and legacy of the Burton-Taylor relationship is peppered with stories of alcoholism, incessant squabbling, and cheating scandals. Taylor, herself, married eight times throughout her life while Burton wrote repeatedly of his struggle with alcohol abuse. Together, the two raised hell on and off film sets, leaving a trail of extraneous demands (Taylor, well-known as one of Hollywood’s most high-maintenance stars) and empty bottles (Burton, whose diary highlights many of his drunken shenanigans) in their wake. Stories will have it that Burton and Taylor, along with party pals like Peter O’Toole, were often drinking on-set, regardless of the hour. Extravagant gifts were bought and exchanged, like the 68-carot diamond Burton gave Taylor in ‘69, as a tokens of their undying, roller-coaster love. However, this shared passion and zest for life often resulted in physical confrontations, ruthless verbal abuse...and temporary salvation found in liquor cabinets (and eventually each other’s arms).

Spencer Tracy: Spencer Tracy is yet another Old Hollywood actor known for his partying and loose behaviour. As with so many of his peers, Tracy endured a life-long battle with alcoholism that repeatedly interfered with his work schedule and inflamed the tempers of his employers. Furthermore, the actor was known to stray from his wife’s bed with the likes of Joan Crawford, Ingrid Bergman, and, most famously, Katherine Hepburn. Above all, though, were Tracy’s long and unpredictable drunken binges (one of which saw him blasted on several bottles of whiskey for days on end). Perhaps one of the most notorious incidences in Tracy’s roster of crazy antics is his strained relationship with MGM studios, who came to regard Tracy as both a significant asset and liability. At one point in his career, the studio required a team of medics, police, and security guards to be on-hand should Tracy stir up any trouble while on the job. This was even after Fox studios had reportedly fired the actor for similar behaviour. Star, trouble-maker, and partier indeed!