Sunday 28 June 2015

HOODIES Vs HOOLIGANS Trailer (Aka The Guvnors)

The former members of a legendary football firm reunite to take on the lawless criminals that now rule their old stomping ground.

After turning his back on a life of violence as the top boy of a legendary South East London firm, Mitch leads a peaceful existence with his family in suburban London. But beneath his aura of respectability are the echoes of a darker past. Echoes that erupt when a new generation of ruthless criminals, led by Adam (Harley Sylvester), begin to wreak havoc on Mitch's old turf.

A Movie directed by Gabe Turner
Cast : Harley Sylvester, Tom Davis, Doug Allen...
Release Date : August 18, 2015
Genre : Action, Thriller, Gang Wars
Also known as The Guvnors