Thursday 30 November 2017

"D-Love" - New Poster and Trailer - directed by and stars Elena Beuca

Elena Beuca's film has taken the festival circuit by storm, winning an astonishing ten consecutive Best Feature Film honors and is just about to begin its theatrical run on December 8.

In her semi-autobiographical directorial feature film debut, Elena Beuca  (Connectivity, Get Him To The Greek, Enlightened) stars in the lead role of Stefania alongside her husband and D-Love writer, Dave Rogers (Play On, Siblings). The film co-stars Ditlev Darmakaya as the wanderer and A Perfect Circle’s Billy Howerdel, who also composed the stunning original musical score for the film.

A couple with longstanding marital issues lands at LAX after a failed getaway. For a few years now, Stefania has been unhappy in a job she detests, while Dan still dealing with his grief, hasn't worked in years. Their strain is amplified when a Danish vagabond asks for a ride and much to his wife's horror, Dan offers to bring this total stranger to their home. How will this affect the already strained couple? Over the course of three days, Stefania comes to discover that the desired change doesn’t always come in the package that we want or expect.

"D-Love" has been submitted to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for consideration for the Golden Globe Awards.