Thursday 2 November 2017

Interview with Tahlia Morgan

Tahlia Morgan gives a bravura performance in the new film Sightings. In this exclusive interview, we speak to the versatile thesp about her career journey, working with husband Dallas (the film’s director) and why sci-fi is still as strong a genre as ever.

Tell us a little about your background as an actor?

I moved to Los Angeles back in 2005 after landing my first role which got me my SAG card. I have been working at my craft ever since.

What appealed to you about the part here?

The role of Hannah was written for me after Dallas and I basically did this role in a short film a few years back. So I already had experience working as her.

Being a genre movie, is it hard not to go too ‘over the top’ at times?

Yes you have to be careful to not become a caricature of what this person you are playing would be. They are real people who are experiencing real events.

Do you find a much more enjoyable, less stressful mood working on certain genres?

Not really, You can have a stressful role in any genre. It just depends on the character I am playing and the scenes for the day we are shooting. The day we shot my emotional crying scene was a lot more demanding on my mood than some of the other shoot days.

Who do you think will dig the movie the most?

I think this film and the fun sci-fi, thriller, and drama genres will appeal to a lot of different types of movie goers. It definitely will fit the paranormal believers!

And what’s coming up?

Since filming Dallas and I have had two babies, a daughter first and most recently a son. So for now I am busy playing mom while we release Sightings and work on our next project together!