Tuesday 26 November 2019

Women of Mafia and Women Mafia 2 - Coming to VOD

Patryk Vega’s smash-hit Women of Mafia tells the story of Bela (Olga Boladz), a former police officer, tasked with infiltrating a notorious criminal drug ring by the ABW (Poland’s counter-intelligence agency). For her mission to succeed, she must infiltrate this depraved and dangerous underworld, risking her own life in the process. The second highest performing film at the Polish box office in 2018, Women of Mafia has earned huge commercial success from its brutal and uncompromising gangland story.
The Women of Mafia are back in this ultraviolent sequel. After taking control of the mob empire, Daria’s (Agnieszka Dygant) notorious gang prepares for the largest smuggling operation in Poland’s history: importing one ton of cocaine from Colombia. But when the shipment mysteriously disappears, the cartel sets out on a violent rampage. Packed full of jaw-dropping moments, Women of Mafia 2 was unleashed in UK cinemas this year and was termed ‘genuinely shocking’ by The New Statesmen.

Cert: 18 (TBC)
Polish Film Club presents Women of Mafia and Women Mafia 2 on demand 16 December 2019

Amazon VOD - Women of Mafia (Kobiety Mafii)
Amazon VOD - Women of Mafia 2 (Kobiety Mafii 2)