Thursday 18 January 2018

Exclusive Interview with Writer/Director Tyler Amm – “Butcher the Bakers”

Writer/director Tyler Amm’s frighteningly funny Butcher the Bakers arrives on VOD January 16 from genre specialists Dark Cuts.

Recently fired, a grim reaper terrorizes a small town, killing and collecting souls for a purpose only he knows. Sam and Martin, slackers who work at the local bakery, are hired by a mysterious stranger to stop him from killing again. Ryan Matthew Ziegler, Sean Walsh, Mike Behrens and Lisa Wojcik star.

Executive produced by Volumes of Blood’s P.J Starks, Butcher the Bakers is a fantastically splatastic new indie jaunt that gives both the lungs and funnybone a workout!

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil meets Zombieland in Butcher the Bakers, out January 16 on Vudu, iTunes, Google Play, Microsoft Xbox, Vubiquity, Dish and Tivo.

Beautiful looking film – what do you film it on?  

It was shot on the Panasonic Lumix GH4 with Veydra lenses.
Was it important to you that the film have as much substance as it did style?
We definitely wanted it to feel stylistic in that it’s weird, odd, and makes you question what you saw. As far as the substance, it definitely achieves the previous goal. There’s a lot going on and plenty of questionable things you’ll see on screen.

One can only imagine that some of today’s newspaper headlines might have played muse to the script?  

Honestly not sure where you’re getting this from as the film is about a Grim Reaper that goes around killing people and taking their souls. There is a lot of death in the news, so I guess it’s certainly possible that it was the result of a rogue grim reaper. What a bastard.

Genre movies don’t have to be silly – was it important to you that yours have some intelligence about it?

No. Did we use our intelligence to make the film? Absolutely. Do any of the characters act intelligent? Absolutely not. It’s fun and probably dumb.

Striking soundtrack. How important is sound to you? Who composed it?

Billy Niebuhr of Nashville TN as scored all of my films. He is a fantastic talent and can work with just about any genre and tone. He is a wizard of music making.

How much of the film comes together in the editing room? I imagine that’s when a lot of the scares start to work?

It is billed as a horror comedy only in so much as it has horror themes and elements in it. There are no true scares in the film. Was my editing horrifying? I’ll leave that up to the reviewers!

VOD seems to be the main spot we’ll find the film. Are you a VOD user yourself? 

Do you prefer audiences see it this way- at their own time, in their own space?
If I can’t see something in a theatre then I prefer to stream it. There are a few platforms I utilize so it will be fun to see my own film on them. I don’t know of the best platform for people to watch Butcher the Bakers on, but I do prefer they watch it with friends. Laugh with the movie, at the movie, I don’t care. Just have a good time with it.

Do you believe VOD is the way of the future?  

Theatrical screenings will always have a place in society as way to event screen something. I think that’s important. But VOD is undeniably simple and convenient and will continue to grow.

Do you recommend we eat or drink anything in particular while watching the film at home? What do you recommend?

I myself am partial to the King’s Feast. That’s where you and your buddies bring every single thing you craved that day and just gorge yourself on all your pleasure foods. Bring toilet paper as well.