Thursday 16 February 2017

Prevenge (2017) Official Trailer

Prevenge is a British comedy slasher film written by, directed by and starring Alice Lowe in her directorial debut.

The film is about a pregnant woman - Ruth - whose partner died in a climbing accident when he was cut loose by the rest of his group. Ruth becomes convinced that her foetus is compelling her to murder and she tracks down the other people who were involved in the climbing accident for revenge.

The film is due for release in cinemas in February 2017.
The majority of Prevenge was filmed in Cardiff in under two weeks whilst Alice Lowe was really pregnant.

Alice Lowe as Ruth
Jo Hartley as the Midwife
Gemma Whelan as Len
Kate Dickie as Ella
Kayvan Novak as Tom
Tom Davis as DJ Dan
Dan Skinner as Mr Zabek
Mike Wozniak as Josh
Tom Meeten as Zac