Wednesday 23 March 2016

5 Matthias Schoenaerts Films You Need To Watch

The muscles from Antwerp, Belgian-born actor Matthias Schoenaerts, takes to cinema screens this month in DISORDER – a thriller surrounding Matthias’ Vincent, a soldier with PTSD employed privately to protect the young family of an arms dealer. Matthias’ rise to fame has included carefully chosen roles in some great films. Here we take a look at five Schoenaerts films you need to watch.

Daens (1992)
Set in the 1890s, this film tells a tale of child labour, horrible working conditions and unfair politics within the Catholic community in the textile town of Aalst. Father Adolf Daens visits the town and is disgusted with the actions within the community. Father Daens writes a few columns in the Catholic paper regarding the mistreatment, leading to expulsion in the Catholic party. Daens then creates the Christian Democrats, is elected to Parliament, and must choose between serving God and serving the people. Daens was Schoenaert’s first film where he starred alongside his father, Julien Schoenarts, and was nominated for the Oscar’s Best Foreign Language Film in 1993.

Love Belongs to Everyone (Dennis Van Rita) (2006)
Matthias Schoenaerts stars in this film as Dennis, a man sentenced to prison for a rape sentence, then released early for his good behaviour. His parents try their hardest to keep him out of trouble, until the victim’s sister starts a hate campaign against Dennis to land him back in jail. Another abuse is reported, leading to Dennis being sent back and beaten until an unlikely source decides to help him out. Love Belongs to Everyone was Schoenaerts’s first starring role, leading to many more in the years to come.

Loft (2008)
As Belgium’s highest grossing film, Loft features mystery, drama, and a thrilling storyline. Five friends rent out a loft together where they each meet their mistresses in secrecy. When the body of a woman appears in the loft one day, the five men accuse each other of murder. Schoenaerts plays Flip, one the five friends.

Bullhead (2011)
Bullhead follows Schoenaerts’ character, Jacky Vammarsenille. Jacky’s steroid-fuelled life as a cattle farmer eventually leads him to making a deal with a shady meat trader. Jacky must face the consequences of an assonated federal agent and a woman from his traumatic past. Bullhead was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film of the Year at the 2012 Oscars and won numerous awards at film festivals around the world.

Rust and Bone (2012)
This romantic tale surrounded by life-changing events stars Matthias Schoeneart as Alain, a young boxer who falls in love with killer whale trainer, Stephanie. Stephanie must overcome a terrible accident, while learning to love Alain even more. Rust and Bone was nominated for two Golden Globe awards.

Watch Matthias in his next must-watch film: DISORDER opens in the UK on March 25th.