Friday 3 June 2022

REVIEW: Corrective Measures (2022) - Starring Bruce Willis & Michael Rooker

Review by Jon Donnis
It's been a few weeks since I reviewed a Bruce Willis film, so I thought I would take a look at Corrective Measures, written, produced and directed by Sean O'Reilly.

With the recent developments with Bruce Willis' being diagnosed with aphasia, we know he has now retired from making films, but there are still some to come out, and this was one I was actually looking forward to.

Usually with a Bruce Willis film, I talk about low budgets, and him hardly being in it, well with Corrective Measures, there is actually something of a decent budget here. Ok not tens of millions, but still this is not your classic low budget stuff.

There are some recognisable actors, and some passable special effects.

So, what do you get if you cross an action film, a prison film, a science fiction film and monster film? Well, you get Corrective Measures. And as strange of a mix as that sounds, it does work.

The film starts off with a psychopathic villain called "Payback" played by Dan Payne confronting a couple of unusual looking folks who are attacking someone. One of the attackers is seemingly a werewolf and another is bullet proof. 

Payback quickly disposes of them, and just when you think he is going to save the victim, he reveals that he only killed the other guys so he could kill the victim himself. The police turn up, arrest Payback and take him to San Tiburon a super prison for people with super powers.

In classic Robocop style, the film has entertaining news clips interspersed, and we get our first look at the Warden of the prison who is being interviewed. He quickly makes it clear that he is to be known as The Overseer, (played by Michael Rooker). We also get an introduction to Julius "The Lobe" Loeb played by Bruce Willis, another incarcerated super villain and the prisons most notorious guest.

The film covers 3 main story plot lines. Payback having issues with the other prisoners, the Overseer's attempts to get the location of The Lobe's money, and Diego Diaz a prisoner who's only power is empathy;

Corrective Measures never takes itself too seriously, it has some similarities to The Boys (on Netflix), and since it is a Tubi Original, it is free to watch anywhere Tubi is available.

The Good
Lots of fun fight scenes, a half decent story, an excellent Michael Rooker doing what he does best, and holding everything together, with his thoroughly dislikeable character. The ending is somewhat satisfying and there are even a couple of fun end credit scenes too.

The Bad
Bruce Willis doesn't really do a lot and is stuck in a cell for most of the film. So like many of his recent films, he has clearly filmed his parts away from everyone else, but knowing this might be one of the last films I ever see him in, I wished we could have seen more of him, but I understand now why we don't.

Corrective Measures is a fun little film, delivers what it promises, and as I mentioned earlier never takes itself too seriously. A special mention also for John DeSantis who plays a hulking monster type figure in the film called Darius.

I enjoyed the film, and I happily score it an 8/10

You can watch the film on Tubi, but that will depend if you can get it in your location. See for details.

Luckily it is also coming out on DVD which you can pre-order from