Thursday 2 June 2022

REVIEW: The Ice Demon - Starring Alina Babak, Olga Lomonosova and Aleksey Rozin

Review by Jon Donnis
It is that time of the week for a low budget horror film! This time we have The Ice Demon, a Russian horror film directed by Ivan Kapitonov and Cindy Robinson, and written by Natalya Dubovaya, Artem Mikhailov and Svyatoslav Podgaevskiy.

With multiple writers and directors you would think this film has every chance of being a hit!

The basic story follows two hikers who pitch their tent during a blizzard, while doing this they realise that they are trying to do so on top of a frozen solid dead guy. A classic mistake I am sure we have all made once in our life.

Once at the morgue they find out that the frozen dead body is of a man called Matvey isn't actually dead, and instead in a coma. The family of the man take him home. Coma man has been missing for a decade, his wife Tatyana has since remarried to a man called Misha. 

As you can imagine, finding Matvey alive causes a lot of issues in the family, and taking him back to the family home to care for him is a big problem.

Every so often Matvey's body seems to come to life, I guess he is possessed by an Ice Demon?

Look, the problem here is that the poster and name of the film sort of promises an Ice Demon, just those alone and you would expect a monster horror film. Instead, we get a family drama, that beyond the start of the film and the end is rather dull.

I expected a monster film, but instead got a poorly dubbed snore fest.

The Good
The start is promising, there is a story to be told here, they just didn't want to tell the story that I am sure 99% of the viewers wanted.

The Bad
Very dark film throughout, dark as in you can't see anything, and it is rather dull.

They got this film wrong, the advertisement, the poster, the name, all of it is just wrong.

I score this film 2/10 and that is being generous.

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