Saturday 1 June 2024

NEWS & TRAILER: Super Seniors (2024 Documentary Film)

Super Seniors

By Jon Donnis

As the world's leading tennis players gear up for one of Britain's most anticipated sporting events of the summer – Wimbledon – another group of lesser-known but equally inspiring champions is making waves in the tennis world.

"Super Seniors," a life-affirming feature documentary by esteemed tennis player turned Wimbledon commentator and TV presenter Dan Lobb, shines a spotlight on an extraordinary group of octogenarians and nonagenarians who refuse to hang up their rackets. Set for its UK digital debut on June 17, 2024, courtesy of Bohemia Media, this captivating documentary is a powerful testament to the enduring spirit of competition and will undoubtedly inspire viewers to hit the courts themselves.

The documentary introduces us to a remarkable quartet of tennis legends:

Leonid Stanislavskyi, a 95-year-old Ukrainian and the Guinness World Record holder as the oldest competitive tennis player.
Etty Marouani, an 82-year-old French fashionista and athlete extraordinaire.
King Van Nostrand, an 85-year-old American with a staggering 43 world titles.
John Powless, the 87-year-old American tennis and basketball ace, who sadly passed away shortly after the film was completed.

These formidable athletes converge at the International Tennis Federation Senior World Championship, a monumental event that features 585 Super Seniors competing in over 800 matches – a tournament even larger than Wimbledon itself.

"Super Seniors" delves into the personal journeys of these athletes, exploring themes of resilience, community, and the unyielding love for the game. Through Lobb's compassionate lens, viewers witness how tennis provides these seniors with a sense of purpose and connection, helping them battle illness, cope with loss, and continually strive for excellence.

Vibrant and uplifting, this documentary sends a powerful message: age is no barrier to passion. The Super Seniors embody a zest for life and a dedication to their sport that is nothing short of inspirational.

Join us in celebrating "Super Seniors" – where four extraordinary athletes defy expectations, live life to the fullest, and continue to play the game they love.