Friday 3 May 2024

PREVIEW: The Dead Don’t Hurt: A Tale of Love and Valor Amidst War

The Dead Don’t Hurt

As the embers of the Civil War threaten to ignite across America, a poignant story of love and resilience unfolds in Viggo Mortensen's latest directorial venture, "The Dead Don't Hurt". Set against the rugged backdrop of a 1860s Nevada frontier town, this romantic Western invites audiences to journey through the trials and tribulations of a couple caught in the tides of history.

Vicky Krieps delivers a stirring performance as Vivienne, a French-Canadian woman whose heart finds its match in Holger Olsen, portrayed by the versatile Viggo Mortensen. Their love story is a beacon of hope in a time of looming conflict. As Holger commits to the Union's cause, Vivienne must navigate a treacherous path at home, where the corrupt mayor, played by Danny Huston, his unscrupulous rancher partner (Garret Dillahunt), and the rancher's volatile son (Solly McLeod) pose a constant threat.

The ensemble cast, including Solly McLeod, Colin Morgan, and Garret Dillahunt, brings depth to this gripping narrative, each character weaving their own thread into the film's rich tapestry. Mortensen's direction promises to captivate, with a story that explores the essence of human connection amidst the chaos of war.

"The Dead Don't Hurt" is not just a film; it's an experience that transports viewers to a pivotal era in history, reminding us of the enduring power of love.

UK and Irish cinema-goers can look forward to this exclusive release on June 7, presented by Signature Entertainment. Prepare to be moved by a film that assures us, even in the darkest of times, the spirit of love and valor remains unscathed.