Wednesday 1 May 2024

British Comedy "A Family Affair" Set to Premiere on May 20

From Lightbulb Film Distribution comes the upcoming release of the British comedy feature "A Family Affair," set to hit all major digital platforms in the UK & Ireland on May 20.

Starring an ensemble cast including Joe Wilkinson, Laura Aikman, and Jane Asher, "A Family Affair" promises to deliver laughter and entertainment to audiences across the region. Directed by Warren Fischer and produced by Joan Lane, this comedic gem follows the misadventures of a cash-strapped hotel manager (played by Wilkinson) as he navigates hosting his in-laws' wedding anniversary amidst the chaos of a public auction.

Peter Thompson, Sales & Acquisitions Director at Lightbulb Film Distribution, commented on the release, saying, "A Family Affair is a hilarious, farcical comedy, guaranteed to bring a smile to audience faces. Joe Wilkinson is a household name in comedy and he shines in his debut film lead role, evoking memories of John Cleese in Fawlty Towers."

About the Stars:

Joe Wilkinson: Renowned for his stand-up comedy and television appearances, Wilkinson brings his signature humor to the forefront in "A Family Affair." From his stand-up tours to his roles in hit shows like "After Life" and "Sex Education," Wilkinson's comedic prowess is sure to delight audiences once again.

Laura Aikman: A versatile performer with an impressive repertoire across film, TV, and animation, Aikman adds depth and charm to the cast of "A Family Affair." With notable roles in acclaimed productions like "Gavin and Stacey" and "LIAR," Aikman's presence on screen is both captivating and memorable.

With its stellar cast, witty script, and captivating storyline, "A Family Affair" promises to be a must-watch comedy for audiences of all ages. Mark your calendars for May 20, when this uproarious film hits digital platforms across the UK & Ireland. Don't miss out on the laughter and fun!