Friday 12 April 2024

NEWS & TRAILER - Love, Courage And The Battle Of Bushy Run (2024 Film) Starring Tom Connolly

Love, Courage And The Battle Of Bushy Run

By Jon Donnis
Prepare to embark on a journey through history unlike any other as the UK premiere of "Love, Courage And The Battle Of Bushy Run" approaches this May. This riveting historical epic promises to unveil a chapter of American history often overlooked yet profoundly impactful.

Drawing inspiration from C. M. Bomberger's acclaimed novel, "The Battle Of Bushy Run," this cinematic masterpiece is the brainchild of Col. A. Hess Bomberger II, a decorated American WWII veteran driven by the passion to immortalize his father's literary legacy on the silver screen. Tragically, Col. Bomberger II witnessed the culmination of his dream before passing away last year at the age of 101, adding a poignant layer to the film's narrative.

Led by the remarkable Tom Connolly and supported by an exceptional ensemble cast, this film, helmed by directors Dave Alan Johnson and Larry A. McLean, promises an immersive cinematic experience. Johnson's past works include "Christmas with Tucker" and "Sue Thomas F.B.Eye," while McLean has contributed to acclaimed productions such as "Pacific Rim" and "The Unhealer."

Set against the backdrop of post-Seven Years' War America in 1763, "Love, Courage And The Battle Of Bushy Run" transports audiences to a pivotal moment in history. With tensions escalating in the American Colonies following Britain's victory over France, the native population, led by Ottawa Chief Pontiac, initiates a violent siege at Fort Pitt, Pennsylvania, fearing British retaliation.

In the face of imminent danger and with countless lives hanging in the balance, the valiant Colonel Henry Bouquet, portrayed by Connolly, embarks on a daring mission to save his settlement and its inhabitants, demonstrating unparalleled bravery and resilience in the process.

Prepare to witness a tale of love, courage, and sacrifice as "Love, Courage And The Battle Of Bushy Run" makes its digital debut in the UK on May 13th, courtesy of Trinity Creative. Don't miss your chance to experience this unforgettable cinematic journey through history.