Wednesday 17 May 2023

NEWS: Ant Middleton to star in new action-thriller film 'Shelter'

Ant Middleton, renowned actor, producer, and former British Special Forces Operator, is set to star in the upcoming action-thriller film titled "SHELTER," which is scheduled to begin production in July 2023.

The movie revolves around Middleton's character, Rob Shaw, a skilled hitman who receives a distress call from his ex-wife and embarks on a journey to a remote location. Upon arrival, he encounters his estranged father, Jim, a former director of the Ministry of Defence, as well as his ex-wife, her new husband, and his two young daughters.

Jim reveals that a global nuclear catastrophe is imminent and urges Rob to join them in a bunker beneath the house for protection. Initially hesitant, Rob decides to leave, feeling detached and purposeless in this new reality. However, as chaos ensues and a group of anarchic ex-soldiers seize control of the bunker, Rob's lethal skills and dangerous mindset become indispensable to the survival of the family.

The screenplay for "SHELTER" was written by the acclaimed Scott Vickers, known for his work on "Matriarch," who also assumes the role of director for the film. Middleton Quinn Productions (MQP) spearheads the production team, with Mark Quinn and Tiernan Hanby, both accomplished producers, collaborating with Middleton on the project.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the film's release, Ant Middleton, who serves as the leading man and producer, remarked, "Normally I'm the one doing the screaming and shouting, but stepping into the acting world has truly turned the tables. With an incredible team by my side, there are no excuses not to make a significant impact in the industry."

Scott Vickers, the writer and director, expressed his admiration for Ant Middleton's involvement in the project, stating, "Having Ant Middleton on board as the lead role was monumental. Film enthusiasts often emphasize the need for authenticity and escapism in cinema, and I can assure you that all the action sequences you'll witness Ant perform on screen in 'SHELTER' are feats he has accomplished in real life. Ant also provided invaluable guidance and insights during the final stages of script development. I vividly recall a conversation about a particular knife scene where Ant provided an incredibly detailed commentary. After he finished, everyone at the table fell silent for a moment."

Ant Middleton's illustrious career spans across various fields, including acting, producing, television presenting, writing, and his esteemed service in the UK's elite forces. He has served in the Marines, 9 Parachute Squadron, and the Special Boat Service. Ant gained prominence as the Chief Instructor on the hit shows "SAS: Who Dares Wins" and "SAS Australia." Additionally, he has hosted numerous successful programs such as "Mutiny" and "Escape," where he showcased his survival skills and leadership abilities. In 2019, Ant achieved a remarkable feat by conquering Mount Everest in the show "Extreme Everest."

Production for "SHELTER" is slated to commence in July 2023.