Thursday 6 October 2022

REVIEW: Expired (2022) (a.k.a. Loveland) - Starring Ryan Kwanten and Hugo Weaving

Review by Jon Donnis
Ryan Kwanten stars as Jack, an assassin in a futuristic neon-drenched version of Hong Kong, he leads a lonely life, pays for time with android prostitutes. One day he sees singer April played by Jillian Nguyen, he is instantly drawn to her and starts a relationship. As time goes on, he starts to get physically weaker, his body is starting to deteriorate, he tracks down a life extension scientist Doctor Bergman (Hugo Weaving) to find out what is happening to him. He is a hitman and if he can't kill, he won't get paid.

The doctor figures out what is causing the deterioration, and Jack has to confront his own past. Jack and April's relationship starts to face troubles, as the only way for him to survive is for him to stop seeing April, and around them the world is approaching both immortality and extinction at the same time.

Despite the very sci-fi sounding nature of the film, this is at its base a film about love, life and extinction. Wonderfully filmed, with incredible looking settings, everything does look great. The main problem however is the mumbling, a common complaint these days, as films try to portray more realistic interactions, but in turn seem to forget that the viewer needs to hear what is going on.

For much of the film you get a narration of sorts from the Jack character, the problem is it is almost impossible to hear what he is saying, now of course subtitles can help, and as some of the other characters are not speaking English, you get subtitles for them anyway. Regardless it is a small annoyance, which simply should not get past the early drafts of the film.

The Good
Wonderful backdrops, the film looks incredible. The acting, when you can hear what is going on, is decent.

The Bad
The audio is dreadful, and for a sci-fi film, lacked the kind of special effects and excitement that you might be expecting. This is a dialog heavy film.

Not for everyone, as this is a slow, quiet, dialog heavy film. 

I score Expired a perfectly fine 5/10

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EXPIRED dystopian neon-drenched Sci-Fi spectacle arrives on UK digital 7 November 2022 from Reel 2 Reel Films

WARNING: The trailer gives away the main plot twist for the film.