Thursday 3 March 2022

REVIEW: Gasoline Alley (2022) Starring Devon Sawa, Bruce Willis and Luke Wilson

Review by Jon Donnis
Gasoline Alley is the latest film in what is a never-ending run of films featuring Bruce Willis, whereby he doesn't really do much, and is hardly in the film. I believe in 2021 Willis released 8 films, I think in 2022 we are already on number 3 or 4! With a total of 12 films planned to be released. Luke Wilson is also advertised, but it seems like he is "doing a Willis", and has just taken a cheque to be in the film for the sake of being in the film. Is Willis just calling up old friends now to appear in these straight to digital releases? His next film features John Travolta!

So, forgetting Willis and Wilson, this is basically a Devon Sawa film. Devon Sawa is one of these actors who you will recognise, but can never really name a TV show or film he is famous for, he appears in a lot of shows for an episode or two, and then that's it. NCIS, Hawaii Five-0. MacGuyver etc. It is nice to see him as the lead in a proper film.

The story for Gasoline Alley is as follows.
"A man implicated in the triple homicide of three Hollywood starlets begins his own investigation. Needing assistance, he enlists the two detectives on his tail in order to expose a conspiracy more explosive than any of them imagined."

The film is set very much in the sleazy world of Hollywood, prostitutes, porn, human trafficking, drugs and so on. The problem is that the film is quite dull for large parts, and despite the last 20 minutes having some decent action scenes, by then you may have lost the will to live.

One saving grace is the film is only about 95 minutes long. And even then, they could have cut another 15 minutes off the run time and you would never have noticed.

If you are a fan of Bruce Willis, go watch a Die Hard film, if you are a fan of Luke Wilson go watch Idiocracy, a film which is very fitting with regards to the world we live in today.
If you are a fan of Devon Sawa, then this is the film for you.

The Good
A nice film for Devon Sawa, who is a good actor and someone I like in a lead role.

The Bad
Another movie churned out to make money, not a very good story, the dialog is poor, and overall, you will watch once and never watch again.

Poor film. Don't waste your time. I score Gasoline Alley a 3/10

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