Saturday 29 January 2022

REVIEW: War of the Worlds Annihilation

Review by Jon Donnis
Streaming on Tubi TV, this is a disaster movie from the Kings of the B Movie, The Asylum.

All Asylum films are terrible, we know this, however there is good terrible, and bad terrible.
Good terrible films by The Asylum include the Sharknado franchise and The Megashark Franchise.
Bad terrible films, are pretty much everything else. Sadly, War of the Worlds Annihilation falls into the bad terrible list of films.

With that said, the film does star the one good Baldwin, in William Baldwin who plays General Skuller. 

Do I really need to even tell you what the story is? Alien invasion, robot machines, lots of dodgy dialog, terrible CGI, ridiculous gun fights, and a disappointing twist.

The Good
Some young actors, and new actors got a pay check. Good for them.

The Bad
I don't really blame the actors; they do their best with what is given to them. The story is just poor, the budget is tiny, and usually when you have these two problems, you make up for it with light hearted moments or a bit of comedy, this film has neither. 

Do not watch this rubbish. That is all