Sunday 21 April 2019

The Night Sitter | FrightFest Presents | UK Trailer | 2019

FrightFest Presents a terrifying decent into babysitter hell, from the team behind cult horror favourite Final Destination.

When a scheming con artist (Elyse DuFour, The Walking Dead) poses as an innocent babysitter called Amber, in a bid to steal from a wealthy occult enthusiast, a trio of witches are accidentialy summoned by the mans reclusive son, Kevin, as his sitter sets about stealing his fathers valuables. As the playful, sadistic witches start picking people off, Amber and Kevin form an unlikely bond and try to survive the night together.

Inspired by masters of cinema Argento, Raimi and Carpenter, The Night Sitter is a nostalgic, creepy-as-hell horror described as Home Alone meets The Evil Dead.

Yours to own June 17.