Friday 20 April 2018

Interviews:: DEAD LIST directors Holden Andrews, Ivan Asen and Victor Mathieu

This May, pray you’re not on the… DEAD LIST.

A struggling actor conjures a dark force in order to win a movie role in a terrifying new movie experience from filmmakers Holden Andrews, Ivan Asen and Victor Mathieu.

High Octane Pictures unveils the DEAD LIST on VOD this May.

Calvin is competing with five other actors -- Zander, Scott, Kush, Jason and Bob -- for a major movie role. Stopping at nothing to win the role of a lifetime, he uses a demonic book to curse his fellow actors, with each actor being killed off in their own separate unique and terrifying chapter.

What inspired this rather unique – and very fun - particular story, guys?

The three of us are true fans of horror and have favorite films that span the genre. Between us we love films like The Blob, The Exorcist, V/H/S, IT, Goosebumps, Creep show, Evil Dead, and the television show The Twilight Zone. We partnered together to make Dead List, a new take on the horror anthology genre. Instead of having multiple chapters that tell different stories we made an anthology film where each chapter continues to tell a singular narrative of the film.

The inspiration for the film comes from us all living in LA and working in the film industry. We wanted to tell a story about the seedy underbelly of Hollywood, framing Dead List around a group of actors who are interested only in excelling their own careers by any means possible.

Did you sit down and watch similar movies before shooting? If so, which ones?

Since we’re fans of horror we’re always watching and re-watching films. Although, before starting principle photography on Dead List we were too busy with pre-production. I don’t think any of us could have mentally watched a movie if we sat down and turned one on. If we could have, we would have revisited films like V/H/S, Creepshow, Death Note, and Evil Dead.

In terms of directing choices, anyone you emulated here?

We crafted Dead List to be original and brought our own directing styles to each of the chapters. We made sure that our visions were woven into the fabric of Dead List. That said, as fans of horror we had to pay homage to certain directors and films, so if you’re a fan of Chuck Russell’s The Blob, Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead, and The Twilight Zone series then you will no doubt pick up on nods we gave to those directors and films.

Do you write with certain actors in mind?

We wrote Dead List with the story being our most important focus. We knew that with a strong story it would be the foundation that any actor would be able to use to bring the words to life.

Do you consider the film a success only when it hits a certain monetary figure?

No, the success of Dead List is if the viewers enjoy it as much as we did while making it. It’s a really fun film filled with monsters, thrills, and scares. That said, we wouldn’t complain if it’s financial success. If it is, we’ll be able to make the sequel.

Has the movie opened doors for you?

With Dead List in the can and releasing on May 1st, we’re able to expand our range for pitching and taking meetings. Having Dead List under our belt has allowed us to enter into the next level of our careers as filmmakers.

DEAD LIST available 5/1/18 on VOD, DVD 7/3/18 on DVD, and SVOD 9/4/18.

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