Friday 8 December 2017

Interview with Isabella Blake-Thomas

Isabella Blake-Thomas reconnects with her grandmother in the heart-warming new film Kepler’s Dream, currently screening in theaters and available on InDemand.

How did Kepler’s Dream come about, Izabella?

My mum took me to an open audition in London for a children’s TV show and out of a few thousand children l got the job alongside three other kids. This was just the beginning.

Sounds like you have some good support in your mum!?

My mum has always supported me and driven me wherever and whenever I’ve needed to go somewhere. She also helped coach me as she is a film director.

Fantastic. Has it been hard to break in? it’s competitive out there, I imagine?

The industry is still just as competitive but now there are multiple platforms for you to get spotted such as YouTube or any social media platform allowing everyone to be able to give the industry a go.

Was this movie shot a while ago?

Yes, it was shot three years ago. Sometimes it can take that long for films to come out though.

What was the main appeal of it, for you?

l loved the idea of being the protagonist in a family film. No swearing, no violence just a lovely story.

Did you get to know your co-stars before filming began?

There was only a day to rehearse altogether but we mixed as much as we could and I’m not supposed to know or like Holland Taylor, my grandmother, so it was important we didn’t get to know each other much. Once shooting started though we all became friends very quickly.

Was there a scene that was hard to film?

It was hard seeing my mum in hospital, l just imagined it was my mum and so it wasn’t hard to get upset.

What do you hope people get out of this movie?

l hope people are inspired to feel hopeful when dealing with difficult family or health situations.