Thursday 18 February 2016

Southbound Review by Paul Downey

The anthology horror is definitely becoming flavour of the month right now. As you may know from reading our previous reviews, we are big fans of Trick ‘R Treat and The Tales of Halloween here at Bloody Flicks.

Although the V/H/S series and ABC’s of Death had their highlights, it seems a more winning formula to have less story in the anthology and give us more time with the characters and more importantly the story.

So we come to ‘Southbound’ coming from David Bruckner (who was until recently attached to the Friday the 13th reboot), Roxanne Benjamin, Patrick Horvath and Radio Silence who all direct one segment.

All of the stories are interconnected but all have different themes. We begin with two men covered in blood looking to outrun something, on the road…. you guessed it southbound.

This sets the bleak tone for the entire film as we delve into devilish territory and never really come back into the light until the final credits.

Whereas Tales of Halloween and Trick ‘R Treat had their lighter moments to break up the mood, Southbound offers no such escape from this twisted world.

It is violent, twisted and disturbing at times; make no mistake these are four memorably gory tales. The special effects are decent too with plenty of guts and blood for the gore fans.

The recurring theme here is that there simply is no escape, from going round in circles, locked doors – all of our characters are trapped in this desolate hell.

Clocking in at just over 90 minutes ‘Southbound’ does not feel bloated either. It says what it needs to say, gives enough to crave more then the credits roll.

‘Southbound’ is a dark twisted highway to hell that demands your attention from the first minute until the final one.

Southbound Review by Paul Downey