Sunday 7 February 2016

Lazer Team - Review by Paul Downey

From the minds that brought you Red Vs. Blue, comes Lazer Team a throwback to 80’s feel-good science fiction.

An unlikely group of misfits is thrown together with just ONE mission; save the planet.

After decoding a message from a friendly alien race we find out that a more sinister race of extra terrestrials is heading for planet Earth. It’s aim is simple; destroy the planet.

To do this though it must defeat a champion appointed by the planet. From here on in the American military start to engineer a being who will be talented in all areas and can then defeat the aliens when they arrive.

The only thing he will be missing is his armour.

This custom armour sent by the friendly alien race is discovered by accident by the group, who each take a part of the armour suit – which gives them special powers.

The most entertaining thing about ‘Lazer Team’ is the fact it doesn’t take itself too seriously. There are laughs from the get-go as our unlikely band of heroes trip and stumble their way to their final showdown with the alien.

And as always the message here is that we can become stronger together than the meer sum of our parts.

There are winks and nods to classics such as Ghostbusters and Independance Day, but this is very much a modern film and as such it uses social media as a catalyst to drive the narrative forward.

Action scenes throughout are a bit over the top, but given how entertaining they are you just go with it. We also get to each of the Lazer Team, and delve a little deeper into their pasts which gives us motivation to really care about what happens to them.

‘Lazer Team’ might just be an early contender for science fiction film of the year.

By Paul Downey