Tuesday 21 May 2024

REVIEW: Cash Out (2024 Film) - Starring John Travolta

Cash Out

Review by Jon Donnis

Cash Out (2024), directed by Ives and penned by Dipo Oseni and Doug Richardson, is an American action film that delivers a straightforward yet engaging cinematic experience. John Travolta stars as Mason Goddard, the leader of a high-end crew of thieves who have retired after a close call with the law due to a double-cross. However, Mason is pulled back into the world of crime by his younger brother Shawn, played by Lukas Haas, who devises a hare-brained scheme to rob a bank. Tempted by what could be the biggest score of his life, Mason joins the heist, only for things to go terribly wrong. The crew finds themselves trapped inside the bank with hostages, surrounded by SWAT teams, the FBI, and Interpol. Adding a personal twist to the high-stakes situation is Kristin Davis's character, Amelia Deckard, the lead negotiator and Mason's former lover.

The film plays out like a solid B-movie, with Travolta's performance being a standout. At 70, he still exudes a certain movie-star charisma, bringing depth and engagement to his role as the seasoned thief. Kristin Davis provides a strong presence as Deckard, though the backstory between her character and Mason feels somewhat underexplored. The supporting cast, including Quavo as Anton and Haas as Shawn, deliver adequate performances but their characters lack significant development.

Cash Out excels in its brisk pacing and action sequences, which, while not particularly innovative, are competently executed and keep the audience entertained. The dynamic between the thieves and the authorities, especially the personal tension between Mason and Decker, adds an interesting layer to the film. However, the plot has some noticeable holes and the suspense occasionally falters, which diminishes the film's overall impact. The script could have benefited from tighter writing and more creative twists to enhance the tension and excitement.

In summary, Cash Out offers a decent 90 minutes of entertainment, particularly for fans of the action genre and John Travolta. While it doesn't break new ground and has its share of flaws, including plot holes and a lack of sufficient suspense, Travolta's engaging performance and the film's solid pacing make it a worthwhile watch. I give Cash Out a generous 7 out of 10.