Thursday 29 February 2024

REVIEW: Code 8: Part II (2024 Film) - Starring Robbie Amell and Stephen Amell

Review by Jon Donnis
"Code 8: Part II" propels audiences back into the dystopian landscape of Lincoln City, where the divide between the powered and the authorities escalates in intensity. Directed by Jeff Chan, this sequel to the 2019 film continues the journey of Connor Reed, played by Robbie Amell, as he navigates a world fraught with corruption and danger.

The narrative unfolds with Connor, now a janitor, striving to leave his criminal past behind. However, when Pavani, portrayed by Sirena Gulamgaus, witnesses her brother's murder at the hands of corrupt police officers, Connor finds himself embroiled in a fight for justice. As Pavani becomes a target for the authorities desperate to conceal their secrets, Connor must once again confront his past and protect her from harm.

Stephen Amell delivers a compelling performance as Garrett Kelton, a telekinetic enforcer turned criminal leader, whose motives blur the lines between right and wrong. Alex Mallari Jr. adds depth to the story as Sergeant "King" Kingston, a figure torn between loyalty and betrayal in a city plagued by power struggles.

The film's strength lies in its exploration of societal tensions and the consequences of unchecked authority. Against the backdrop of a militarized police force and surveillance state, "Code 8: Part II" delves into themes of justice, redemption, and the bonds of family.

While the runtime of 1 hour and 40 minutes may feel slightly lengthy, the film's gripping narrative and captivating performances keep viewers engaged throughout. With stunning action sequences and a nuanced portrayal of its characters, "Code 8: Part II" stands as a testament to indie sci-fi filmmaking at its finest.

Overall, I score "Code 8: Part II" a commendable 8 out of 10. Despite its occasional pacing issues, it delivers a compelling story that resonates with audiences long after the credits roll. Fans of the original film and newcomers alike will find themselves drawn into the electrifying world of Lincoln City, where justice comes at a high price.

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