Sunday 3 December 2023

REVIEW: Candy Cane Lane (2023 Film) - Starring Eddie Murphy

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Review by Jon Donnis
Directed by Reginald Hudlin and penned by Kelly Younger, "Candy Cane Lane" is a 2023 American Christmas comedy that blends holiday magic with a twist. Starring Eddie Murphy as Chris Carver, the film weaves a tale of family, Christmas decorations, and unexpected challenges.

The plot follows Chris Carver, a skilled woodworker struggling to win his neighborhood's annual Christmas decoration contest. Facing unemployment, he stumbles upon a Christmas store, unwittingly making a Faustian bargain with Pepper, an evil Christmas elf. As Chris and his family navigate slapstick shenanigans to collect the "five golden rings" from the Twelve Days of Christmas, the film delivers a mix of laughter, magic, and heartfelt moments.

Eddie Murphy's performance as Chris Carver is low-key yet entertaining, allowing the storyline and special effects to shine. Tracee Ellis Ross as Carol Carver, alongside supporting cast members, adds depth to the ensemble.

"Candy Cane Lane" successfully delivers a heartwarming message about the true spirit of Christmas, emphasizing the importance of family during the holidays. The film's fun and lighthearted approach, coupled with festive visuals and great Christmas music, contribute to its charm.

However, the film has its drawbacks. Clocking in at 2 hours, "Candy Cane Lane" feels overly long, testing the audience's patience with excessive character information and overplotting. The production occasionally falters, displaying moments of lethargy and disappointment. Some jokes fall flat, and the film's algorithmic origin by Amazon Prime makes it feel instantly forgettable.

Despite its flaws, "Candy Cane Lane" is an enjoyable addition to the holiday film lineup. Its festive atmosphere, coupled with the underlying message of joy and love, make it suitable for a family movie night. While it may not reach the heights of timeless classics, it offers a decent dose of Christmas cheer and a reminder of what truly matters during the holiday season.

I score Candy Cane Lane a fair 6 out of 10.

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