Tuesday 19 September 2023

REVIEW: Office Race (2023) Starring Joel McHale and Beck Bennett

Review by Jon Donnis
Rating: 7 out of 10
Office Race, a 2023 comedy film, pleasantly surprises by defying the expectations typically associated with direct to television comedies. While it may initially seem like just another run-of-the-mill comedy, the movie delves deeper into its characters and themes, striking a balance between all out comedy and funny drama.

The story follows Pat Cassidy (Beck Bennett), a typical corporate worker with little ambition and a strong aversion to running, who unexpectedly finds purpose in long-distance marathon running. The plot takes an unexpected turn when his workplace rival, Spencer (Joel McHale), coerces him into participating in a charity marathon, leading to a series of twists and personal revelations.

Joel McHale and Beck Bennett deliver commendable performances, embodying their characters' dynamics with skill. The film's tone is light-hearted, avoiding excessive cheesy one-liners or outdated humour often found in the comedy genre. Instead, it focuses on a variety of characters, each contributing to the story in their unique ways.

Director Jared Lapidus handles the limited production constraints of a television film well, allowing the script's rhythm to flow naturally and maintaining a respectable level of professionalism. The movie's central character study, particularly focusing on Pat's transformation and self-discovery, adds depth and appeal to the narrative.

While Office Race isn't without its flaws, including limitations in production and storytelling, it maximizes its potential to provide an entertaining and enjoyable viewing experience. The film successfully conveys the message of finding redemption and meaning in ordinary aspects of life, making it worth a watch for those seeking a heartwarming and relatable comedy.

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