Wednesday 13 September 2023

REVIEW: Aporia (2023) - Starring Judy Greer

Review by Jon Donnis
"Aporia" is a curious blend of sci-fi and drama that takes an unconventional approach to time travel. While it may not be the sweeping time-travel epic some might expect or even perhaps want, the film manages to captivate with its strong performances from the lead actors.

The story revolves around Sophie, portrayed convincingly by Judy Greer, who is still grieving the loss of her husband Mal, played by Edi Gathegi, due to a tragic accident. The unexpected entry of Mal's best friend, Jabir, a physicist with a vendetta, adds an intriguing twist to the narrative. Payman Maadi's portrayal of Jabir is commendable, making the character both complex and relatable.

The concept of time travel in "Aporia" is unique in that it's more of a plot device than the central theme. Jabir's homemade time machine, while visually interesting, doesn't offer the traditional time-travel experience but rather serves as a means to explore themes of vengeance, regret, and the consequences of altering the past. Basically, Jabir can use the machine to send particles back in time, and using say the details of a photograph, GPS coordinates etc, he can send back the proverbial bullet and shoot someone in history, therefore changing it forever. And only Sophie and Jabir have memories of the original timeline.

One of the film's strengths lies in its well-executed cinematography and believability. The visuals and performances help immerse viewers in the story, even when the plot takes some rather absurd turns. However, the film's start can be confusing, as it initially leaves the audience unaware of Mal's death, creating a disjointed narrative. Moreover, the ending might leave some viewers unsatisfied, as it veers into territory that some might find less compelling.

While "Aporia" is marketed as a sci-fi film, it doesn't fully embrace the genre, feeling more like a "low-fi" endeavour. This deviation from typical sci-fi tropes could be both refreshing and disappointing, depending on one's expectations. Additionally, it's worth noting that the film's inclusivity in terms of diversity may feel a bit forced in the context of the story, for example you have the interracial couple, the best friend who is a middle eastern refugee and so on. When was the last time you saw a film where there wasn't an interacial couple, or a story of some middle eastern refugee? Just comes across as forced.

In summary, "Aporia" is a film that walks a fine line between sci-fi and drama, and while it might not cater to every sci-fi enthusiast's taste, it delivers a thought-provoking narrative driven by strong performances. Despite its minor flaws and unconventional take on the genre, it manages to hold viewers' attention throughout. 

With a score of 6 out of 10, "Aporia" is worth a watch for those seeking a unique weepie type cinematic experience with a time-travel twist. But for full on sci-fi film fans, this might not be for you.

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