Wednesday 19 July 2023

TRAILER: Amor Bandido - Starring Romina Ricci and Renato Quattordio


This week marks the release of "Amor Bandido," an Argentinean thriller that takes a dark and violent turn in the story of a young boy's ill-fated first love. This gripping tale is now available on DVD and can be streamed on major platforms.

Critics have described "Amor Bandido" as "bizarre and twisted" (Aced Magazine), labeling it a "twist-filled erotic thriller" (Movie Reviews 101). According to Vague Visages, the film is "shrewdly paced, heartbreakingly performed...a lascivious thrill." The steamy drama centers around a high school student who becomes entangled in a tumultuous relationship with his older teacher. What initially appears to be a dream quickly transforms into a nightmare of deceit and brutality. In "Amor Bandido," first love proves to be perilous like never before.

The film is helmed by director Daniel Andres Werner and features talented performances from Romina Ricci and Renato Quattordio.

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