Sunday 9 July 2023

REVIEW: The Out-Laws (2023) - Starring Adam DeVine, Nina Dobrev and Pierce Brosnan

Review by Jon Donnis
The Out-Laws, directed by Tyler Spindel, is a thrilling action-comedy film just released on Netflix on July 7, 2023. The screenplay was written by Evan Turner and Ben Zazove, with Adam Sandler, Adam DeVine, and Allen Covert serving as producers. The main cast includes Adam DeVine, Nina Dobrev, Ellen Barkin, and Pierce Brosnan.

The story revolves around Owen Browning (Adam DeVine), a young bank manager eagerly preparing for his upcoming wedding to his fiancĂ© Parker (Nina Dobrev). 

However, his plans take an unexpected turn when his bank falls victim to a daring heist carried out by the notorious "Ghost Bandits." What makes matters even more intriguing is that Owen strongly suspects his future in-laws, Billy and Lilly McDermott (played by Pierce Brosnan and Ellen Barkin, who have recently arrived in town, might be the culprits behind the robbery. (Obviously they are, otherwise the film would be a bit naff)

With this being a Happy Madison Productions from Adam Sandler's company, you already know the kind of comedy this will be, and if you are a fan of films from Sandler, then this will be right up your street.

At around 90 minutes, it is your classic paint by numbers comedy, although it takes a while to kick into top gear, when it does it is a lot of fun.

Pierce Brosnan easily steals the show as the good looking, suave older gentleman. He gets all of the best lines, and plays his part perfect, there is even a James Bond reference in there for you to watch out for!

Although it feels that Adam DeVine plays the same character in every TV show and film he is in, and this one is no different, he does it so well that you can kind of forgive him. His old co-star Blake Anderson from Workaholics also gets a brief appearance in the film as well.

The Good
Some nice laugh out loud moments, great set pieces and some fun action scenes. Richard Kind as Owen's father Neil Browning is also great casting, Kind is great in everything he does, and yes, he much like DeVine does seem to play the same character in everything he does. 

The Bad
Takes a little too long to get going in the laugh department, perhaps 10 minutes too long too.

This is one of those algorithm made comedies that Netflix loves churning out, that is why they signed Adam Sandler up in the first place, they know what people will watch, so easy for them to give a list of things for a film to include, and Sandler can fulfil that request with ease.

This film may not go down as anything special, but it is not at all bad, it is a decent action comedy that you will watch, enjoy and probably forget about not long after, until you end up watching it again in a few years.

I score The Out-Laws a straight forward 7/10. Does the job, ticks the boxes. Simple comedy.

Out now on Netflix.