Thursday 22 June 2023

REVIEW: Dungeons & Dragons: Honour Among Thieves - Starring Chris Pine & Michelle Rodriguez

Review by Jon Donnis
In recent years there hasn't been any decent fantasy action comedy films that I can recall, so when I heard of Dungeons & Dragons: Honour Among Thieves I thought this might be the first one in a while, now don't let the Dungeons & Dragons branding put you off, as I know it has put off a lot of people. This is not some nerdy board game, it just uses some of the lore of that game, locations etc, you do not need to have any knowledge of Dungeons & Dragons to watch this film.

Before being imprisoned, Edgin Darvis (Chris Pine), a talented bard, dedicated his life to the Harpers, a noble order of peacekeepers. Unfortunately, his world was shattered when disciples of a Red Wizard, whom he had successfully apprehended, mercilessly took the life of his beloved wife Zia (Georgia Landers). Determined to start afresh and protect his daughter Kira (Chloe Coleman), Edgin joined forces with the fierce barbarian Holga Kilgore (Michelle Rodriguez). They resort to a life of thievery, aided by the aspiring sorcerer Simon Aumar (Justice Smith) a half-elf wild magic sorcerer who is the descendant of Elminster Aumar, a notable wizard, the cunning rogue conman Forge Fitzwilliam (Hugh Grant), and a mysterious acquaintance of Forge named Sofina (Daisy Head). Together, they fight to survive in their newly chosen path.

During a daring raid on a stronghold belonging to the Harpers, Edgin embarks on a risky mission to steal a powerful artifact known as the "Tablet of Reawakening," with the desperate hope of resurrecting his wife. However, their plans go awry, and Edgin and Holga find themselves captured while their accomplices managed to escape the clutches of the Harpers.

After enduring a gruelling two years of imprisonment in the frigid confines of Revel's End, a desolate arctic prison, Edgin and Holga, unaware of their unexpected pardon, manage to escape. Seeking refuge in the bustling city of Neverwinter, they discovered that Forge has risen to power as the new Lord, taking charge after the enigmatic downfall of the previous ruler. Unbeknownst to Edgin and Holga, Forge has been caring for Kira during their absence, skilfully manipulating her perception of events to paint Edgin as a selfish and greedy individual responsible for his own incarceration.

As the truth slowly unravels, it becomes clear that Sofina, the mysterious acquaintance of Forge, harboured a dark secret. Revealed to be a member of the Red Wizards, Sofina had conspired with Forge to orchestrate the capture of Edgin and Holga, weaving a treacherous web of deceit and betrayal.

Now I know all of that might sound a bit confusing, but the film is surprisingly easy to follow. At no point does the film take itself too seriously, this is a good old fashioned fantasy comedy film, lots of weird and wonderful characters, absurd comedy, and incredible action scenes. Fans of The Princess Bride for example should enjoy this.

Chris Pine puts in a fun performance as Edgin Darvis, instantly likeable, and he delivers his comedy lines with almost perfection.

Michelle Rodriguez for me though steals the show as Holga Kilgore, the barbarian who was banished from her Tribe for marrying an outsider, we get to see the former husband later in the film, in a rather humorous scene.

This is a fun film, ok at 2 hours and 10 minutes it is a bit long, they could easily shave off 30 minutes without losing anything. This is a great film for fans of fantasy and action films.

The Good
Great visual effects, make up and creature models. The humour is done well, and will raise a smile and some laugh out loud moments. Great characters both the good guys and the bad guys. A nice story, with good music too.

The Bad
A little long, I will never understand why a film like this needs to be over 2 hours, why cant they do a theatrical cut and then leave the longer version for the directors cut for the DVD release.

Super fun film, ticks all the boxes for the genre, I really enjoyed it, and Michelle Rodriguez is great.

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