Saturday 6 May 2023

TRAILER: Hitmen - From Director Savvas D. Michael

By Jon Donnis

From the director of The Bezonians and Original Gangster, Savvas D. Michael, comes new film Hitmen.

The Legendary New Yorker, entrepreneur Michael Hero, desperately seeks revenge after his grandson Jackie is accidentally killed in a pub fight in London by married Brits, Lauren and Luke Loveday. Michael Hero places a one-million-dollar bounty on their heads, which naturally attracts some of the world’s leading assassins in a ruthless game of cat and mouse in London, all to kill the unfortunate couple and claim the bounty. However, Justin Villain, the recently widowed, suicidal but illustriously deadly assassin, vows to protect the Lovedays in memory of his wife and in the name of love.

Hitmen has a great cast including Academy Award-nominee Eric Roberts, BAFTA-winner Adam Deacon and UFC champion Georges St-Pierre.

Savvas D. Michael is quickly making a name for himself, as one of the best directors in the UK. Hitmen has a great style, and definitely catches the eye.

Some excellent fight scenes, and a fun story really top off another great film from Savvas.

Released on digital on 5th June 2023 -

Check out the trailer below.