Tuesday 4 April 2023

TRAILER: Love Without Walls - Starring Niall McNamee


Love Without Walls stars Niall McNamee (The Foreigner) & Shana Swash (My Feral Heart) as well as Paul Barber (Only Fools & Horses, The Full Monty), Adam Deacon (Kidulthood), Sheila Reid (Benidorm, Brazil), Theo Ogundipe (Top Boy), Amy Molloy (Animals) and Ricci Harnett (28 Days Later).

Sophie and Paul, who dreams of becoming a musician, are struggling to afford their rent in London. As a result, they seek help from their loved ones.

As the summer progresses, their situation deteriorates. They lose all their possessions and end up living on the streets, struggling to survive. Despite their frustrations, their positive outlook and sense of humor help them secure odd jobs and a temporary place to stay.

Their tale is one of enduring love, hope, and perseverance through the bleakest of circumstances.

Love Without Walls, will be released in UK & Irish cinemas from 9th June