Tuesday 3 January 2023

REVIEW: Detective Knight: Redemption (2022) - Starring Paul Johansson and Bruce Willis

Review by Jon Donnis
Detective Knight: Redemption is the sequel to Detective Knight: Rogue and it stars Bruce Willis as Detective James Knight. As with most of Bruce Willis' recent films, his part is limited, and most of the scenes were filmed separate to the rest of the cast and then spliced in later. If you haven't seen the first film, you can read my review here.

It is Christmas and after the events of Detective Knight: Rogue, Detective James Knight (Willis) is in a New York prison for the murders of Winna and Brigga. While in custody Knight finds himself slap bang in the middle of a jailbreak, being run by a violent fanatic named Ricky Conlan (aka The Christmas Bomber played by Paul Johansson) and his Santa Claus disciples, who have been terrorising the city. While all the felons escape, Knight stays put in his cell, refusing the leave.

After getting nowhere, Detectives approach Knight and offer him the deal of a lifetime, help them catch Conlan and Knight's conviction will be squashed, he will be a free man, and he may even get his badge back. Of course with an offer like that who could refuse.

As with other similar films, this is relatively low budget, and is more of a vehicle for Paul Johansson to show his chops as a bad guy than for Willis to further his already long and varied career.

Paul Johansson does a great job as the unlikeable Ricky Conlan, and although Willis ends up the hero saving the day, it is always good to see someone do well in their part.

With a third film to come soon in the trilogy, you probably don't need to have seen the first film to enjoy this, but it helps.

Willis is great when he is on screen, and you see glimmers of his greatness. But there is always a tinge of sadness knowing that there simply aren't going to be many Willis films left. I know I keep saying that, and then another film is released, but at this point he is not filming any new material.

Will Detective Knight: Redemption go down as a classic? No.
Is Detective Knight: Redemption entertaining as an action film? Yes.

The Good
Some nice action scenes, and always good to see Bruce Willis.

The Bad
Not particularly original.

It is an action film and it has Bruce Willis in it. Stop moaning about low budget films, support independent film, because these films in turn hire many actors and staff, and they deserve your attention.

I score Detective Knight: Redemption a fair 7/10

It wont go down as a classic, but it does pass the muster as a decent action film.

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