Wednesday 23 November 2022

REVIEW: Where's Rose (2022) - Starring Ty Simpkins and Skyler Elyse Philpot

Review by Jon Donnis
A 78-minute horror thriller! This is right up my street. I have had Where's Rose queued up to watch for a while, and kept putting it back, I wish I hadn't waited so long, as this is a smart little film.

Eric Daniels (played by Ty Simpkins) is about to leave for college, but just before he is about to go, his younger sister Rose Daniels (played by the very talented Skyler Elyse Philpot) goes missing. The only clue you have at first is when she talks of an imaginary friend to her mother. 

Before you know it, Rose is found, and everything seems ok, but of course this is a horror film, so there has to be more to it. Eric watches his sister and is quickly convinced that something is wrong, and that something has changed about her. We then get the obligatory black eyes scene from Rose as she looks at her brother who is snooping on her through a gap in the door. He freaks out, but will anyone believe him?

Most of the film is pretty standard horror fare, a young girl has gone missing, and now she is back there is clearly some kind of demon or evil inside her. It is hardly original, but when the big twist or better described as the big reveal comes, it throws you totally on your head, and everything you had thought up until that point goes out the window, and you start to re-evaluate everything you had previously thought.

Ty Simpkins is great as Eric Daniels, and he puts in a great performance, I would love to say more but I don't want to spoil things. Skyler Elyse Philpot is also excellent as Rose

The camera work is strong, the film is haunting in the way it is presented, and the "twist/reveal" is done in a totally unique and originally way, and although it is perhaps a bit confusing, it does leave you with a need to rewatch the film, to see what clues were there and to help you tie a few loose ends together.

The Good
Perfet run time at 78 minutes, everything is nice and tight, the twist/reveal is perfectly done, and I did not see it coming, and I nearly always see twists coming, but fair play to the director, I didn't see this one.

The Bad
Now I have seen the film, I would have liked to have seen more direct interaction between the Eric and Rose characters.

Great little horror/thriller film, with a great ending, perfect run time.

I really enjoyed Where's Rose, and score it a solid 8.5/10

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