Wednesday 21 September 2022

REVIEW: Stowaway (2022) Starring Ruby Rose and Frank Grillo

Review by Jon Donnis
I cannot remember the last time i saw a Ruby Rose film, however I seem to see Frank Grillo in films almost weekly. With that said, this is very much a Ruby Rose film.

Ruby Rose plays Bella Denton, her father has died and left her a beautiful yacht, despite her fear of water and being unable to swim, when she sees the fancy boat which includes a master bedroom, bar, and a jacuzzie, she quickly learns to appreciate this amazing gift her father has left for her.

After being shown around the boat, she is told she can't stay on it until the paperwork has been completed, so she heads off to a bar. She "pulls" Michael (Patrick Schwarzenegger) and invites him back to the yacht for a night of passion once the area is quiet. When waking up she realises the boat is no longer at the port and that a group of three men have taken over the boat with the aim of breaking into the safe. Michael decides to jump and swim for it to get help, Bella due to not being able to swim, stays on board.

At this point you would expect a nice little thriller as Bella uses some imaginative skills to take out the bad guys, unfortunately instead of that we just get long pieces of dialog as the bad guys try to break into the safe. Some boat cops do turn up after getting a call from Bella, but they quickly give up after a look around the boat.

We have Frank Grillo who is barely in the movie, as is Patrick Schwarzenegger, which is a shame, as both come across as likeable characters when they are on screen.

I think the main problem with the film is that Ruby Rose is never quite made to look kick ass and in her first proper fight with a bad guy, she is easily overpowered and has to be saved by a man!

The plot itself is ok, I have no problem with the storyline, I just think the film does a disservice to Ruby who is a great actress and can be a great kickass actress when given the chance.

The Good
I liked the storyline, and the ending is satisfying. 

The Bad
The film is perhaps let down by its small budget and lack of decent action scenes.

This is an average film, and is perfectly watchable on a Saturday night, but perhaps not the best use of Ruby Rose's talents.

I score Stowaway a fair 6/10

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