Sunday 7 August 2022

REVIEW: Wrong Place (2022) Starring Bruce Willis and Ashley Greene

Review by Jon Donnis
This will be Bruce Willis' eighth film release of 2022, and officially marks his busiest year for film releases ever. Of course as we all know by now due to health issues this will be his final year of releasing films, but he still has three more to come after this.

You know the routine, Bruce is the big name attached to the film, but the film is often a vehicle for another actor to shine, in Wrong Place that job goes to Ashley Greene, probably best known for her TV role in Rogue as well as her appearances in The Twilight Saga films.

Wrong Place starts off with a robbery gone wrong, Frank (Bruce Willis), a former police chief of a small town, stops a robbery and witnesses a murder, as such he finds himself being hunted down by a methamphetamines cook, who wants to silence Frank before he can give eye witness testimony against the drug family.

The bad guys find Frank's daughter (Ashley Greene) and threaten her as a way to get to Frank.

This is an old fashioned low to medium budget action film. And Bruce Willis actually appears in more of this film than he has done in some of his other recent releases. And when he is on screen you do get glimpses of the Bruce Willis we all grew up loving.

The Good
A straightforward action film. Easy viewing, easy to follow, and one of Bruce Willis' final films. One to add to the collection if you are a lifetime fan.

The Bad
The film feels slightly long at only 96 minutes, and I think it could easily have been tighened into 80 or 85 minutes without losing anything.

A straight to digital action film that ticks all the boxes. Enjoy Bruce Willis while you can, as we are quickly coming to the end of a legendary career.

I score Wrong Place a fair 7/10

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