Thursday 18 August 2022

REVIEW: Black Wood (2022) - Starring Tanajsia Slaughter & Glenn Morshower

Review by Jon Donnis
Tanajsia Slaughter stars as Dowanhowee, a Native American woman, her family have been murdered and she is traveling through the American Old West. One day she comes across a small town, she is after a horse to ride to help her on her journey. She comes across the Dutch Wilder Gang who are on their own mission to find hidden gold.

When Dowanhowee realises one of the gang members was behind her family's death, she takes revenge by shooting an arrow through his neck and then finishing the job. She then escapes towards the Black Wood Forest.

The gang chase after her, capture her and then force her to guide them through the forest to what they hope will be a fortune of gold.

Of course things are never that easy and once in the forest they find themselves being hunted by an ancient ravenous creature, known as The Wendigo

Black Wood is a low budget film, that is easily punching above its weight. Glenn Morshower is perhaps the only actor in the film that will be widely recognised, although you might not know his name, you will recognise his face from such TV shows as 24, Supergirl, Friday Night Lights as well as CSI and other similar shows.

This is a horror film at its core, but set in an old time Western setting. And if you can ignore the perfectly mown grass in the town at the start, then the setting does work well.

Some of the special effects, the gore etc is a bit silly looking, which you can blame on the low budget, and The Wendigo is erm... interesting to say the least. I wont spoil it for you.

The Good
Some great looking backdrops, a strong performance from Tanajsia Slaughter and an old fashioned story wrapped up in a horror setting, and this is a good film despite the low budget.

The Bad
Although this film is punching above its weight, the budget does hold it back at times, especially with the special effects.

Western meets horror in Black Wood. Better than it should be all things considered.

I score Black Wood a generous 7/10
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