Monday 13 June 2022

REVIEW: Torn Hearts (2022) - Stars Katey Sagal, Abby Quinn and Alexxis Lemire

Review by Jon Donnis
One complaint I often get is that I don't review enough Country and Western Horror films! Well today I will do just that with Torn Hearts made and released by Blumhouse Television and EPIX

Torn Hearts is something of a cautionary tale, about why you should perhaps not meet your heroes. Set in the world-famous Nashville Country Music scene, two young women are trying to make it big. Jordan (Abby Quinn) and Leigh (Alexxis Lemire), perform as a duo under the name Torn Hearts. After performing on stage, they catch the eye of a "bigwig" in the industry and they are introduced by their manager.

Growing up the women were big fans of a Country act known as The Dutchess Sisters, so when they have the chance to record with the remaining living member of that duo, Harper Dutch (Katey Sagal), they jump at the chance.

Dutch lives alone, and hasn't released any new music in many years. When the women arrive at her house, things immediately seem a bit off, Harper Dutch does seem keen to record with them though, but not before she makes them jump through some hoops.

How far will you go for fame and fortune? What are the secrets of success, and what will you do to keep your fame, all questions the women will have to ask and answer.

Can Torn Hearts become Nashville's next big country music act.

When you consider the nature of so many Country songs, it surprises me that it hasn't been a rich vein for horror films for decades, but strangely it hasn't. And Torn Hearts really tries to bring a different background to a genre that needs something original.

Abby Quinn and Alexxis Lemire both play their roles to a decent level, but Katey Sagal is the star here. I just wish they would have let her go full crazy, evil here. The film takes a little too long to get to the "good bits", and even then, I expected more. This plays much more as a drama/thriller than a horror, which is a shame, as I do think there was much more that could have been done.

The Good
Katey Sagal is great in everything she does, and I feel like the script held her back here.

The Bad
There are some pacing issues, and not enough of the good stuff, when it does come.

Don't come to this film thinking it is a horror, it doesn't reach the right kind of levels, but it does try.

One for Katey Sagal fans, it is a bit different and that is always a good thing.

I score Torn Hearts a fair 7/10

Out now on Digital.